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Where to Take Surfing Lessons in NJ (2022 Updated List)

Surfing and good vibes just for one of the best things to do this summer in Jersey Shore. Summer is heating up and that means surf schools are opening up. Whether you’re a surfing expert or a beginner, a kid or an adult, there are plenty of waves to ride. Here are seven of the top schools offering surf lessons in NJ this year.

Is NJ good for surfing?

States like California and Hawaii are synonymous with surfing. But it turns out that Ocean City in New Jersey is number four The best places to surf in the USA. Known for its wide and beautiful beaches, Jersey Shore is a year-round surf destination for locals. Atlantic City also made its mark when world-famous surfer and Olympic gold medalist Duke Kahanamoku surfed its waves in the early 1900s.

Even though Winter is Jersey’s best surfing seasonThe summer also offers a wealth of possibilities. The winter storms of the North Atlantic make for big waves in the summer that are safe and satisfying for surfing. With 130 miles of shoreline, surfers can find expansive, secluded beaches to commune with nature. For the least crowded surfing experience, surfers should head to the beach at dawn or later in the evening when the beach empties.

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How much are surf lessons in NJ?

The average private surf lesson costs around $75 for an hour. Some surf schools may charge more or less depending on popularity or the number of people signing up for your group.

Beginner surfers can find group surf lessons for as little as $55 per hour up to $90 per hour or hour and a half. As your skill level increases, the price drops to an average of $85 for three hours with advanced surf clubs and lessons.

However, parents get the most bang for their buck by enrolling their child or teen in a surf camp. Camps that offer four hours a day for five days range from $425 to $445, which works out to $23 an hour. Three-day camps average $250 for a similar hourly rate. While these prices are average, some surf schools may exceed this price due to their special offers.

Where to Sign Up for Surf Lessons in NJ?

Stacey’s Surf & Paddle – Margate

Located in Margate, Stacey’s Surf & Paddle is structured to allow new and experienced surfers to gain sea knowledge, safety awareness and confidence in a fun and friendly environment! They love teaching a healthy lifestyle and staying young at heart by connecting with the ocean. Kids can learn surfing skills by joining one of theirs three surf camps by age and experience level. The beginner surf camp is $465 for kids ages 8-17 and includes five days of surfing and supplies. Teen Surf Camp is half time and half price for 13-18 year olds.

While your kids are out there shredding it, moms are welcome to join the Women’s Wednesdays for a relaxing time of surfing lessons and fellowship. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Stacey’s most popular offering, Full Moon Paddle. For only $40 per person, bring a group of friends and paddle out to sea and bask in the light of the full moon.

(609) 705-SURF

LBI Surfing – Long Beach Island

LBI Surfing is considered one of the most popular schools in NJ because it was the first! Founded in 1996, LBI offers the best surfing lessons for kids and adults so the whole family can have fun in the sun. Private lessons are $75 per hour, semi-private lessons are $55. The school also offers other types of surfing such as Skimboarding and paddleboarding lessons.

Their camps last just two hours a day for three days and are offered to kids and teens of all experience levels for $255. Even your little ones can meet up with other surfers and learn the basics at the two-day LBI camp for ages 2-9 for just $179. LBI’s most exciting and popular class is a 2-hour paddle boarding course with a historical/eco tour that revitalizes surfing culture.

(609) 494-7873

Lucky Dog Surf School – Sea Bright

Lucky Dog Surf School is a surf school dedicated to providing a safe, enthusiastic and most importantly fun surfing atmosphere! The unique aspect of this school is their commitment to teaching students ocean awareness and caring for the planet through their love of surfing. This environmentally conscious school offers camps, private classes and more Advanced coaching sessions for experienced surfers. The advanced coaching session includes a two-hour video recording with written notes and an analysis of the student’s progress chart. Participants must bring their own equipment, which brings the cost of this course down to $105. Standard private lessons are $90 per surfer and week-long camps are $425 for kids and teens.

(732) 768-7072

Pink Pineapple Surf – Manasquan

Girls just want to have fun at this all-girl surf camp on Manasquan Beach! Manasquan Beach is known as one of the best surfing spots with its 20 foot areas and easy paddling giving this school a competitive edge. This school strives to empower girls to live their dreams one step at a time. Surf camps are held for three hours from Monday to Friday for children aged 8 to 14. During the breaks, the girls make surf art to take home and hang on the fridge.

These surf camps cost $120 per day or $510 per week. Pink Pineapple’s private lessons are $100 for 75 minutes and include one-to-one tuition with a dedicated teacher. The most unique summer program this school offers has to be theirs Summer GROM Team. Starting July 4th, this is an eight-week program for girls who know how to ride waves alone and want to improve their skills. Be sure to check out this women-run shop!


Hammer Surf School – Lavallette, Spring Lake and Seaside Park

Here to bring everyone the joy of surfing is Hammer Surf School. They focus on building surfing fundamentals as well as teaching ocean awareness and water safety. They offer every class imaginable including private classes, day camps, group classes, advanced classes, private classes, adult classes and more!

With three locations in Lavallette, Spring Lake and Seaside Park, there are plenty of options for everyone. Their private lessons are 75 minutes for $95 and their group classes for children/teens are 3 hours for $112. One of the special aspects of this school is its surf therapy class for children with special needs. The sea can be very calming and therapeutic for children and this school offers the best teachers to help special needs children enjoy the sea.

(732) 966 6430

Summertime Surf – Monmouth and Ocean County

Perfect for beginners, this North Jersey facility is the state’s number one premier surf school. Their beginner surf course is the best starting point for most students over the age of 14 and is offered from mid-June to late September. With five locations, this beginner’s course has many options and starts at $75 for an hour. Their kids camps average $475 for 5 days and are for children ages 7-14. Summertime Surf offers fun for the whole family Surf club for adults Sessions and their popular Surf weekend for women. This weekend getaway allows women 18+ to enjoy yoga on the beach and calm ocean waves. So grab your girlfriends and head to Summertime Surf this season!

(732) 599-2700

OCNJ Surf School – Ocean City

Last, but not least, is South Jersey’s popular school, OCNJ Surf School. Located in the heart of this charming seaside town, this school offers excellent value for money. Group surf lessons are $85 for an hour and a half and private lessons are $75 for an hour. All repeat private lessons drop to $65 to ensure you keep coming back. The school practices a 2:1 teacher to student ratio to ensure the best teaching and safety. OCNJ Surf also offers weekly three-day camps from mid-June to August. For children six years and older, this camp costs $225 and offers your children an unforgettable experience.

(609) 736-0131