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Vouchers harm public education by siphoning off funds

Years ago, the Florida Supreme Court found the state’s education voucher program to violate the constitutional clause. State funds went (among other organizations) to parochial schools. Instead of acknowledging their mistake and how much they spent defending the program in court, the so-called fiscal conservatives went in a different direction.

They formed a non-profit organization where companies could contribute funds to pay for vouchers. For every dollar that a company “contributed,” it owed $1 less in taxes. In other words, $1 less went to the state’s general fund for public education, public safety, public works, and public health. The state has been and is being replaced in favor of a few.

It also meant millions of dollars were donated to an organization exempt from freedom of information, open assemblies and declaration of economic interest laws that provide much-needed transparency. That being said, it is only in the last 3 years that California’s charter schools have had to comply with such laws as the Ralph Brown Act.

This is not just a theoretical loss of money. When the mass shooting occurred at Douglas High School in Broward County, the PA system was not working and it appears the school lacked fire doors or electromagnetic doors (1950s technology). It’s challenging not to see a connection between the diversion of revenue from the state’s general fund for vouchers and the clear lack of equipment/technology at Florida’s struggling public high schools.