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The Daily Northwestern's Guide to Illinois' 2022 Governor's Race

Illustration by Olivia Abeyta

The upcoming Illinois gubernatorial primary will determine bipartisan candidates for November’s general election. Eight candidates are applying for the nomination of their respective party.

As Gov. JB Pritzker’s first term comes to an end, a broad field of candidates is vying for the job. The Illinois governor’s primary will be held on March 28. but early voting is already underway.

In Illinois, voters choose a candidate within their party affiliation for the primary. After the primaries, the party candidates will face off in the November 8 parliamentary elections. The Daily has put together an overview of the candidates and their platforms.

JB Pritzker & Juliana Stratton, Democratic Party

Governor JB Pritzker is seeking a second term as governor after unseating Republican Bruce Rauner in 2018. Pritzker is a billionaire and co-founder of the private equity firm Pritzker Private Capital. He is also a member of the Pritzker family, which owns the Hyatt hotel chain. During his tenure, the Pritzker administration responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, including implementing the statewide indoor mask mandate. Pritzker also signed a Clean Energy Act that aimed to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. He raised the state minimum wage and signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, which lifted previous abortion restrictions. He supports expanding affordable health care, increasing funding for education and reforming the criminal justice system. Pritzker’s running mate, Juliana Stratton, currently serves as the state’s 48th lieutenant governor.

Beverly Miles & Karla Shaw, Democratic Party

West Side Chicago resident Beverly Miles is challenging incumbent Pritzker for the Democratic nomination. Miles is a retired US Army Major and currently works as a registered nurse at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. Miles ran for the 29th district on Chicago City Council in 2019 but did not win. Miles told the Chicago Sun Times that she decided to run for governor after watching her community struggle with mental health, homelessness and substance abuse. She supports Medicare for All, Reparations for descendants of slaves and reduction of gun violence.

Darren Bailey & Stephanie Trussell, Republican Party

Current GOP leader Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) previously represented the 109th district in the Illinois House of Representatives. Bailey’s campaign is pushing to reopen shops, support farmers and cut taxes. As a member of the National Rifle Association, Bailey supports the Second Amendment and has a record of voting against gun control laws. Bailey is also opposed to expanding access to abortion in Illinois. Stephanie Trussell, a conservative talk show host, is running with Bailey for lieutenant governor. The conservative major donor and entrepreneur Richard Uihlein According to the Financial Times, he contributed more than $9 million to Bailey’s campaign.

Richard Irvin & Avery Bourne, Republican Party

Richard Irvin, the current mayor of Aurora, also contends for the Republican nomination. Irvin has expressed support for law enforcement and opposes police defunding. It aims to cut government spending and set term limits for state legislatures. Irvin, a self-described “pro-life,” said at a press conference that he plans to reintroduce parental consent for minors seeking abortions in Illinois. His running mate is Rep. Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville). For his campaign, Irvin received $50 million from Citadel LLC hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin.

Gary Rabine & Aaron Del Mar, Republican Party

Gary Rabine is the founder Rabine Group, an outdoor facility management company. Rabine joined a lawsuit against the Biden administration that would stop the employer’s vaccination mandate. He’s also trying to reopen businesses, cut taxes, protect gun rights and push for pro-life legislation. Rabine works with businessman Aaron Del Mar, who currently serves as Palatine Township’s Highway Commissioner and Fire Trustee. Rabine has never held elected office.

Paul Schimpf & Carolyn Schofield, Republican Party

Paul Schimpf is a former state senator who represented District 58 from 2017 to 2021. He served in the US Marine Corps and currently practices law. Schimpf has expressed criticism on Gov. Pritzker’s relationship with former Illinois House of Representatives Speaker Mike Madigan, who faces federal charges of corruption on alleged racketeering and bribery charges. Schimpf is trying to improve protection for law enforcement and veterans. He is supported by the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, and he’s running with Carolyn Schofield, who serves on the McHenry County board of directors.

Max Solomon & Latasha Fields, Republican Party

Max Solomon is an attorney with no prior office experience, although he ran unsuccessfully for state legislature in 2016, 2018 and 2020. He and fellow campaigner Latasha Fields describe themselves as strong advocates of homeschooling and support private school choice programs. Solomon is pro-gun, pro-life and anti-mask mandate.

Jesse Sullivan & Kathleen Murphy, Republican Party

Jesse Sullivan is CEO and Founder of Alter Global, a venture capital firm. Sullivan calls for reform of Illinois public employee pension system with emphasis on supporting small businesses. According to his campaign website, Sullivan is an “anti-politician” who claims there is corruption in both parties. Sullivan’s running mate Kathleen Murphy is a former legislative adviser and president of the political advocacy group Breakthrough Ideas. In Sullivan’s education agenda, he outlines a plan that includes defunding teachers’ unions and reviewing the gender and sexuality curriculum. Sullivan has no previous political experience in an elected position.

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