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The Best Jewelry Making Kits For Kids - LifeSavvy

Jewelry Making Kits Buyer’s Guide for Kids

Set of multicolored beads for needlework to make jewelry at home.

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Why buy a jewelry making kit?

Creating jewelry means creating wearable art that allows children to be creative. These kits give children the opportunity to express their inner artist and try their hand at what can be considered a more ‘adult’ skill. Plus, your child might find a new jewelry hobby that keeps them busy and happy!

What should you look for in a jewelry set?

  • Style: Different jewelry making kits suit different styles. Think about what the set contains and whether the jewelry creations are wearable for your child.
  • All inclusive: Typically, jewelry making kits contain all the parts needed to create wearable art. Determine if you need to buy extra items like pliers or if you have items lying around the house like rulers or scissors.
  • Storage: Does this kit provide a way to keep all the parts safe when you’re done? Definitely consider having a place to continue work in progress or unfinished work.
  • At sight: Many of these kits have an age rating, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Small children should not be left unattended with small pieces.

What are the advantages of making jewelry at home?

Jewelry making kits allow your child to have a fun activity to keep them occupied and can also make a great group or party activity. Working with small parts will help your child develop their fine motor skills and connect and bond with friends and family. Working with delicate pieces is also a great way to exercise patience.

Our picks for the best jewelry making kits for kids

Best choice

Gili Pop Pearls

A one of a kind snap lock jewelry fashion kit that is fully reusable.

Advantages: This fashion jewelry set contains 500 beads in 15 unique shapes and more than 12 different colors, including 12 rings and seven bracelets. No string is needed with this kit as the beads simply and securely snap together. When the work is done, the charms can be stored in a unique snap lock kit for use over and over again.

Disadvantages: Some charms may be difficult to put together.

bottom line: This kit sparks creativity and allows children to create and recreate their crafts. This set makes a great birthday or Christmas present.

Best for necklaces

Advantages: Inspired by Disney princesses, this set includes rubber figure charms for lots of fun. Your child can create multiple configurations over and over again as the necklaces can be remade. The set contains four silicone necklaces, five princesses and 150 beads. When you’re done, everything packs away neatly in a plastic carry bag for easy cleaning.

Disadvantages: Some of the chain strands may be difficult to tie together and may not stay closed.

bottom line: Children will have loads of fun with this set, mixing and matching to create their own jewelry with lots of colorful beads.

The sweetest spells

Advantages: This fairytale bead set is a real bang for your buck. It comes with five bracelets, five necklaces, 34 colored charm beads, 45 metal charm beads and 40 pendant charm beads and is all inclusive in a small jewelry box. The kit allows your child to make complete bracelets, and the beads are easy to swap out with no tools, glue, or mess. The bracelets and necklaces are adjustable to fit most children.

Disadvantages: These pendants are silver plated so they may turn skin green when worn.

bottom line: This set makes a great birthday gift or group activity.

Best Alphabet Beads

Advantages: Spell it out with this ABC jewelry creation kit. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating words and phrases to wear on your wrist. With over 1,000 beads, the choice is almost endless. With this kit, children can practice spelling and their creativity. The set comes with everything you need including letter beads, various neon beads, rubber and wax cords, a snap hook, key ring, satin cords and of course instructions.

Disadvantages: Word options may be limited due to disproportionate letter options such as vowels and consonants.

bottom line: This unique jewelry set is perfect for a sleepover, birthday party or as a gift. It is ideal for children aged six and over.

Best Friendship Bracelets

Advantages: The Loopdedoo is a new spinning tool that creates fabulous twisted accessories called Loopdies. These colorful accessories are made from embroidery floss and spun with the Loopdedoo. It’s fast, easy, and fun, and it creates a friendship bracelet in minutes. Use different bow styles to match with different accessories. Each Loopdie is a unique design. This kit includes a Loopdedoo spinning loom with a secret storage drawer and 18 skeins of high-quality cotton embroidery thread.

Disadvantages: May require hands-on help from parents or guardians.

bottom line: This modern take on friendship bracelets is ideal for kids, tweens and teens. The kit encourages creativity and self-expression.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own jewelry is a super fun way for your kids to pass their time or can be a bonding moment between you and your child. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, jewelry making kits are a great choice for expressing your inner artist and creating wearable art.