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Summer 2022 fashion trends for college students
Image by Ania Brudna for DSCENE

Dressing for college is difficult because there is so much to consider such as: B. Practicality, affordability, etc. College is generally the time when people experiment with who they are while also trying to blend in with the crowd. On top of that, most college students don’t have a lot of money to spend, so the clothes they choose need to be durable, functional, and easy to change from day to night, much like a pair of Adidas shoes! This post will discuss some of the summer clothing trends that will be valuable for college students.

Now that the spring semester is over, summer is finally here! I used to be torn between wearing one of my favorite school outfits or just that first tank top and pair of shorts I found in my closet that summer. However, I’ve made summer college outfits a science, and I’m sharing my secrets with you. If you follow these basic trends, you don’t have to do without fashion even in the hot summer weeks.

Image by Ania Brudna for DSCENE

Colorful suits

While the global appeal of a great white, black or neutral suit has been well documented in recent seasons, there’s no denying that the world is ready for some Technicolor. So start with a standout suit amidst a sea of ​​simple separates in shades ranging from orange to blue to lavender.

Knitted maxi dress

Knitwear isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when the weather warms up, but designers are tailoring it for summer. Choose your coverage and wear it to everything from lazy days by the pool to casual weddings with these crocheted maxis that allow for just the right amount of ventilation.

Ania Brüdna
Image by Ania Brudna for DSCENE

cottage core

Cottagecore has evolved from a niche style to a way of life in a short space of time. Look for garden blooms like tiny daisies and hand-painted dandelion patterns to join this feminine wave. Use earthy tones like sage, peach and relaxing lavender for color inspiration from Mother Nature. Wear a woven sun hat to protect your face and clogs or leather sandals to protect your feet.

platform shoes

For days when you need to feel extra powerful, add an extra boost of altitude. Every shop and designer has created their own fashionable version of stilts, whether in the form of thick clogs, sneakers or boots. Summer is all about versatility, and unlike other shoe alternatives that you can only wear with one specific style, platform shoes can be worn with almost anything.

All yellow

A mood-boosting yellow color will brighten your day. Start with a tight dress or a solid color ensemble, or pair a button-down shirt with pants. Use the bold hue as a starting point if full saturation isn’t your forte. It goes well with slightly muted tones like earthy taupe and pastels like lilac.


Crochet clothing has exploded in popularity in 2020 and has shown no signs of slowing down in the two years since. This woven stitch process gives the garments a handcrafted look that appeals to the slow-fashion sensibility of the conscious consumer. As a result, crocheted clothing has become a standard for the spring-summer wardrobe.


A pair of classic shorts is almost always the first item on the list when it comes to spring and summer fashion. However, you will find a pair of stylish shorts that are made for you, whether you prefer denim shorts, classic chinos or sweat shorts. Pair it with a t-shirt and sandals for a laid-back look during the day, or dress it up with a statement sneaker and a shirt for a summer holiday outfit in the evening.


While tights are a staple in many winter ensembles, few of us consider our legs when donning them in the summer. Instead, we’re happy as long as they wear SPF and don’t sweat. This season, thigh-high boots with feather detailing, lace leggings and embroidered hosiery take the spotlight.


The biggest and bulkiest totes are hitting the handbag market this season, heralding the end of our love affair with mini bags. This is excellent news for those who have been struggling to fit all of our “essentials” into our tiny little bags for the last several years.

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