Sioux Mountain Public School Farewell Speech | Wender Mind Kids

Emily Barrett and Dakota Koostachin – Farewell Speakers

Emily: Hello, parents, guardians, employees, students, community members and distinguished guests. Welcome to the Graduation of 8th Grade 2022. Where we celebrate opening a new door and chapter in our lives as students. Thank you for coming today and helping us celebrate.
Dakota: The school was a fun and amazing journey. It was a fantastic experience full of ups and downs but we are grateful for the teachers and staff who got us through 8th grade and beyond.
Emily: I would like to thank all the second language teachers who have taught us on this journey. Miss. Moore is a great language teacher and a very funny person who often adds funny things to her teaching experience such as: B. Word searches. Mrs.Vistor always brought a sense of joy into the room whenever she entered the room. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood. I would like to thank Mrs Wrolstad, a great language teacher who unfortunately no longer works here as she has left to work elsewhere. We would also like to thank Mr Craig who taught us the basics of French through song and food and Mrs Martin-Asmus who was a great teacher and gave us the skills we have today. Thanks to these language teachers we learned our second language and we are very grateful for that.
Dakota: I also want to thank the other great teachers who taught us math, geography, social studies, health and other different subjects at school. Mr. Meyers was probably one of the best teachers I had in school. He’s helped me and taught the whole class tons of things this year including how to use 3D printers, math, and how to write great speeches like this one. Mr. Flickinger was a very laid back teacher who was always calm and interested in what the students were talking about and he was an extremely helpful person in 3rd grade. Mrs. Bortolot was a great art and science teacher. She often added loads of fun to her teachings, getting us involved and getting our hands on the fun.

Emily: I would like to thank some of the teachers I have had over the past 5 years that I have been here. Starting with Mr. Tennyson, I’ve had him this year and I’ve learned a lot from him. He helped us improve our game in all subjects and taught us how to write a real essay. He made learning fun by finding songs about the subject we were learning and sometimes he made up his own songs and sometimes it was just to annoy us. We also had a lot of fun last year with Mr. Gigolyk, who taught me a lot last year. When teaching, he always put his students first. We did fun things like roast fights, Friday baking, outdoor learning and many other things while still making it educational. He made sure we had fun and enjoyed what we learned about and made boring things interesting. He taught us that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and that you learn from mistakes. Mr. Searle was an easygoing teacher who was always interested in what the students were interested in. I remember we wrote every Monday about our weekend and he was always so intrigued by what we were doing that weekend and we really stepped up our writing game that year. He also taught various subjects in a fun and easy way, but also challenged us while doing something fun. Ms. Salonen was a teacher who helped us grow into the people we are today. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year, but she’s helped us solve our problems and taught us how to solve them ourselves when problems arise. I’ve learned many life skills this year and I’m grateful for that. Mr. Dixon was the first teacher I had here. He was the kind of teacher who pushed us to use our creativity and imagination to the maximum while learning. He took us into the world of books, both reading and writing. He made us think outside the box when writing and solving problems, and taught us history in a fun, creative way that made learning easier.
Dakota: We also want to thank Mr. Mahoney for teaching us paths. We learned many life skills and knowledge from him. Later, when I think about what career I will choose, I will think of the conversations he had with us about how to know what career is right for you and the knowledge he shared with us has shared, use it sensibly.
Emily: Ms. Dumonski is a person who deserves a big thank you. She was a person you could always go to for food or anything you needed. She always made sure that the children had something to do after and during school. She helped organize after-school programs for the children and grilled at the end of the school year. If you ever needed anything she had it and she was always there for us whenever we needed anything and always ready to help.

Dakota: Mrs. O’Connor, our librarian, deserves thanks. Over the years she has helped us immerse ourselves in various books and also taught us how to apply our manners to everyday situations. If you wanted a book and couldn’t find it, she always came by and had it the next time you went in.
Emily: We would also like to say a big thank you to our principals for all these years. They ran our school and faced things we did and helped us learn from our mistakes. They made our school what it is by making it a safe learning environment and making sure we learned what we needed to learn.

Dakota: Thank you to all the teachers we mentioned who helped shape us into the people we are today and who we will become.
Emily: We are all so grateful that we were able to go to Kenora this year. One memory that will stay with me forever was when we went to a store called Sure Thing. We went in and started looking around and Mr. T found a bucket hat with fruit on it. It didn’t take long to convince Mr. T to buy it. So he bought his bucket hat and some of the others were looking at sunglasses and Selene found these glasses which Mr. T loved because they looked so good on her and then Bella and Vanessa had found heart shaped sunglasses that they liked. We had spoken to the people in the store and he saw and heard how much we like the glasses. Out of his generosity he gave us $10 off the sunglasses which made the trip a memorable one. I saw Mr. T. beaming with happiness after we left and couldn’t get over how much the glasses suited Selene.
Dakota: The Kenora journey was obviously different from my perspective as I was in Meyer’s group consisting of: Tyler, Treyden, Szandor, Aaron and Vincent. The funniest memories I have from the Kenora trip are going to Boston Pizza and eating upstairs with friends and teachers. A friend of mine named Tyson was about to eat his pizza rubbing his hands together like a cartoon character. As he was about to eat, he grabbed a slice of pizza. In doing so, he accidentally spilled his cup of iced tea on the plate his pizza was sitting on and soaked everything in iced tea. After this game he ate half the pizza including his iced tea infused pizzas. Lesson learned? Don’t waste food.
Emily: We are all so thankful that we were able to create memories by doing Connected Norths. Dissecting squid and eyeballs will be an experience I will not forget in the future. We had a lot of fun sessions but we want to say a special thank you to Kevin from History Squad for showing us that history really is interesting! We learned a lot through Connected North and enjoyed the opportunity to learn through a fun experience.
Emily: I look forward to going through high school with these wonderful peers and friends with whom we attended elementary school together. I look forward to the days when we will make more memories together and meet new people in high school. I look forward to gaining new experiences and skills in high school and beyond. I’m also looking forward to doing hands-on learning like auto repair, music lessons, construction and art. I am excited to embark on this journey with these wonderful people and excited for what the future holds.

Dakota: As we spoke to some of our classmates, we thought we’d share what some of our aspirations are and what we’re looking forward to in high school and beyond. Like many of us, I look forward to making new friends and teachers. Personally, what excites me the most is the opportunity to take part in music lessons. Szandor is looking forward to art classes and plans to become a politician. Dylan has ambitions to be a mechanic when he graduates from class. Vincent has his eyes on college when he graduates, and Maguire is looking forward to taking courses that will help him on his way to becoming a carpenter. Niska is looking forward to her driver’s license to explore the big wide world. Whatever our dreams and where our journey takes us, I know we will all achieve great things!
Both: Congratulations guys! We made it!