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Russian roulette in our schools


After the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, many parents are at a loss. This could be the kill that breaks the proverbial backbone of the camel, especially as it’s also become so obvious of late that schools are focusing less and less on education and more on indoctrination – of materials and ideas similar to those of the parents themselves object objectively.

It’s one thing to argue with school authorities about pornography in textbooks or drag queen stories in the school library, but it’s quite another to consider another troubled young man who has already demonstrated aggressive behavior on safety protocols walked by and locked himself in a classroom, taking the sweet time of shooting his small, helpless victims one by one while the ineffective police waited outside, misunderstanding the situation and violently preventing parents from rescuing their own children.

It wasn’t even the police that finally ended the crisis.

The entire scenario is horrifying enough to make waves across the United States, and parents who previously joked about homeschooling their kids have stopped laughing. They are now evaluating their options more seriously.

There was a recent incident in Florida that forced a school closure, prompting students to gather in front of the building. Alerted, available parents drove to the school to save their children while other children just sat with their backpacks in front of the school building and waited for the end of the day.

One homeschooling father confided in me, “When the Stoneman Douglas shooting happened, I knew my children would be safe at home. That’s just one of the many material perks of choosing Home Ed, and at least the police have responded.”

Many people think with horror what life must be like for the parents of the young children shot in Uvalde, who waited outside impatiently for the impotent police to intervene while being prevented from doing anything themselves. “How do they sleep at night?” said one homeschooling mom. “One does not overcome the death of a child.”

“The situation in Uvalde is a good example of the effectiveness of our schools in disabling us,” said one parent at a recent homeschooling meeting. “’Trust the expert’ they teach us, but then experts fail – sometimes spectacularly. Where is this taking us?

“I don’t know what to do,” confided one parent who was faced with the decision of sending their 10-year-old back to school in a few weeks. “I like our little Christian school and my child likes it a lot too. But at the same time I worry because you never know where the next bullets will come from and if nobody is protecting the kids, should I rely on a teacher with a gun instead?”

According to federal data, every state has experienced at least one incident of gun violence in schools since 1970, and most have had dozens. At least since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been concerted efforts to arm teachers in schools. The National Education Association opposes such a measure, presumably because it is firmly opposed to firearms in general. But every good parent knows that the only effective way to stop a criminal with a gun is not with a law, but with a good guy with a gun. Still, parents are uncomfortable with the “arm teachers” solution. They understandably don’t want to picture their children with guns.

“Why don’t they all just study at home?” one parent whispered at the event. “I know it’s discouraging, but aren’t the kids worth that much?”

“It’s not that simple,” a more understanding mother replied with a shrug. “Many parents both work and are too busy to take on another responsibility.”

“So you’re willing to ‘take your chances’, take chances with your children’s lives?” the first replied, frustrated.

Homeschooling has more than doubled during COVID-19, with parents citing myriad reasons and choosing different methods, and support for homeschooling has grown to meet demand. I have developed a Playbook for Home Learning Conference taking place June 24-25 in Port St. Lucie, Florida where I will coach parents on the ins and outs of home education. The event also addresses solutions for working parents.

Although parents fear taking on the enormous responsibility of raising their children, they should realize that this is the most natural thing in the world and produces the very best results. Do you think the parents of the founders were particularly talented? Yet our founders were geniuses, not just for their era, but for the millennia. At our event, we empower and equip parents who only learned their own inability from school. Of course, not only the physical safety of the child is important. The child’s mental security is also at stake, and any parent who thinks they can’t do this should know that schools have taught them to think that about themselves.

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Sam Sorbo is an award-winning actress, writer and host of “School’s Out With Sam Sorbo” on Epoch TV, who has been homeschooling her three children for over a decade. Her books They’re YOUR Kids (Reveille Press, 2017), Teach from Love: A School Year Devotional for Families (Broadstreet, 2019), and Words for Warriors (Humanix, 2021) are available from SamSorbo. com