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Packaging innovations help wake up sleepy categories by adding fun and convenience

Aside from some flavor innovations or swapping out ingredients that work better for you, the pancake mixes, ready-to-eat whipped cream and condiments segments have remained largely unchanged for decades, as consumers measure out baking mixes from boxes and condiments from jars or large jar bags, which inevitably squirt or puff across the counters, and canisters of monochromatic, plain whipped cream that adds sweetness but not much else.

However, Happy Grub, Whipnotic and spice companies Occo and SugarRoti are changing the game, bringing fun and convenience to the kitchen with packaging that offers consumers something they didn’t know they needed but that promises their cooking and eating bring experience to a higher level.

Happy Grub minimizes clutter and maximizes family time

For many Americans, Saturday morning pancakes conjure up nostalgic images of gathering with friends and family around the breakfast counter to toss perfectly golden pancakes topped with fruit or chocolate chips, either drizzled with maple syrup or dusted with powdered sugar before eating together, while the sun streams in through the window to start the weekend.

The reality is often very different, says Brandon Gilliam, brand manager at Happy Grub.

“A lot of people love pancakes, but they don’t bake them because there’s a lot of stuff — lots of ingredients, bowls, whisks, baking powder, flour — all that stuff that’s going around and making a big mess.”

“And then the mother or parent is often in the kitchen cooking while everyone else is somewhere else.”So that dream of cooking together over coffee and orange juice is often just that — a dream, Gilliam said.