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Nina Ali reveals misconceptions people in Dubai have about 'The Real Housewives'

Nina Ali

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Nina Ali “manifested” herself as a real housewife.

That Real Housewives of Dubai star has followed the successful Bravo franchise since its inception a decade and a half ago, and when she moved to Dubai with her husband over a decade ago, she knew the glitzy city needed one housewives own franchise.

For the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series we should talkAli opened up about joining the latest edition of Bravo Real housewivestheir friendship with former Ladies of London Star Caroline Stanbury, raising her kids in Dubai and what people in her city think of the new show.

Listen to the full interview with In The Know Real Housewives of Dubai Star Nina Ali below and read on for highlights from the interview:

About misunderstandings that people in Dubai have Real housewives

If people don’t know what the housewives franchise is, they have a misunderstanding. You see the title – Housewives of Dubai – so they take us for housewives. Yes, we are, but we really aren’t. We’re all working women, and we’re not all sitting at home ironing. I love to cook and do all that stuff, but I think they have this wrong idea of ​​what the show is about, so they’re a little concerned. Like, “Who are you? What do they represent? I know this one does and has a business, but she’s not a housewife. Does that represent the local women?” No, it is not. However, many of the people who live in Dubai are already fans, [because] You’ve looked at previous franchises. But for those who don’t know and aren’t in the know, we want to show them that we’re just a group of six women who live completely different lives, come from completely different worlds and are just living this dream of what we are doing in Dubai. Dubai has opened up opportunities for all of us and we want people to see that. That’s what we are and that’s what we represent.

About her friendship with Caroline Stanbury

I have known Caroline for many years. Usually we went to the same events [and] be invited to the same events. We were never very, very close, to be honest. Around the time of the show, we became a lot closer. I have not seen [her previous show] Ladies of London, but I keep telling her I’m going to watch it because I want to know what everyone’s talking about. But I haven’t really watched TV for six years. I took her as she was. I used to find her very distant, but that’s how it was when I saw her. But she felt the same for me. We both had this perception of each other, and then as we really got to know each other, we realized that we actually had a lot more in common. Two completely different people [with] two completely different personalities but we just fit together, we have a good time and we laugh.

About raising their children to appreciate their heritage

My husband is British, born and raised in London, but he is Indian. I’m Lebanese, born in Lebanon, raised in the US, so my kids here are like a little mixed cocktail! I love that. We share [a lot]. I’m more spiritual, but I’m also very religious – I love my religion and I love my culture. I make sure my kids celebrate things: we attend Ramadan but celebrate Christmas and Halloween at the same time. Anything that can be celebrated, that makes people happy and brings people together, I want to expose my children to. Even though my parents are from Lebanon, we celebrated Christmas every year in the US! We celebrated Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. I love that my kids are exposed to everything because I am also exposed to many cultures and love all cultures. Even though we all identify as one, I want my children to identify with all.

Of being an original Real housewives fan

I have manifested this. let me tell you I watched housewives since Orange County started, that was 2006. I’m an OG like no one knows! When I arrived in Dubai, I remember saying to my husband: “Dubai needs one housewives [show].” Look at this city! That’s what people in the US need to see. That’s all housewives is about. I’ve been saying this for so many years that I feel like I’ve manifested it. I said [my husband], so he didn’t stop me when I said, “I think I’ll do that.” Normally, my husband is reserved and quiet, but he was like, “How can I stop you? You’ve been talking about it since I met you!”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Nina Ali below and tune in The real housewives of Dubai Wednesdays at 9pm ET on Bravo:

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