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After a three year break Master Chef Junior is back for its eighth season with 16 cute test chefs, ages 8-13, who will compete for the title, a trophy and a $100,000 prize.

Gordon Ramsay returns as host, judge and mentor for Season 8, back at it again Aaron Sanchezwith wellness advocate and author Daphne Oz substitute Christina Tosi as a third judge who will oversee the young hopefuls.

In Season 8, the 16 house chefs whip up a meal for guests at a historic Renaissance fair, compete in a WWE episode, compete to see how they fare at a monster truck motocross track, and say hello to Gordon’s daughter. Tilly Ramsayinto the kitchen for a donut challenge – and it all starts on the first night with a mysterious ingredient challenge.

Here are the 16 Master Chef Junior Competitors and Their Signature Dishes:

Master Chef Junior Attendees


Hometown: Atlanta
special dish: Grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes
Culinary dream: Open a vegan restaurant


Hometown: San Ramon, California
special dish: Penne pasta with sundried tomato pesto and meatballs
Culinary dream: Write a cookbook that teaches people how to add a dash of flavor


Hometown: Upper Township, Michigan
special dish: Roasted Filet Mignon with Baked Potato & S’More Brownies
Culinary dream: Open a hockey joint in Michigan where he serves all kinds of candy

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Hometown: Darien, Illinois
special dish: Teriyaki Salmon with Steamed Asparagus
Culinary dream: Go to a famous cooking school in Italy or France and become a famous chef


Hometown: Bakersfield, California
special dish: Roasted chicken with balsamic sauce and cheese potatoes with zucchini
Culinary dream: Own a bakery that offers classes for children with disabilities


Hometown: Porter Ranch, California
special dish: Papa La Huancaina, a spicy Peruvian chilli and cheese sauce over boiled potatoes
Culinary dream: open a restaurant; Become a famous restaurant critic


Hometown: Sag Harbor, New York
special dish: Roasted shrimp salad with roasted yellow and red peppers
Culinary dream: Own a 3 star Michelin restaurant


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
special dish: Fried Chicken Sandwich with Pepper Jack Cheese & Spicy Coleslaw
Culinary dream: Own a restaurant franchise in Philadelphia


Hometown: Austin, Texas
special dish: Roast duck breast with duck fat potatoes, Asian pears and blackberry gastrique
Culinary dream: Open a tech-focused, ingredient-focused restaurant in Los Angeles serving Japanese-French fusion cuisine


Hometown: Darien, Connecticut
special dish: Grilled chicken with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables
Culinary dream: Writes her own cookbook with recipes inspired by fashion icons


Hometown: Yonkers, New York
special dish: Grilled shrimp with lemongrass tomato sauce over pasta
Culinary dream: Write a children’s cookbook with healthy and delicious recipes

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Hometown: Scarsdale, New York
special dish: Pork dumplings with spicy garlic sauce
Culinary dream: Open a restaurant that serves hibachi and sushi


Hometown: South Salem, New York
special dish: Linguini Carbonara in a light creamy egg sauce with bacon
Culinary dream: Open a pastry shop in the Northeast


Hometown: Springfield, Missouri
special dish: The Molly Burger: Wagyu beef with cheese, bacon and a Worcestershire-based sauce with a side of hand-cut fries
Culinary dream: Open a restaurant called Molly Moos in Springfield that serves Southern comfort and Italian fare


Hometown: Minette Bay, Alabama
special dish: Chicken breast with Doritos crust and Caesar salad as a side
Culinary dream: Open a food truck serving mini pancakes and waffles with fried southern meat


Hometown: Bills, Montana
special dish: Fried chicken breast with sautéed vegetables and rice
Culinary dream: Open a restaurant

Master Chef Junior Season 8 premieres March 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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