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 learn online |  Keyboard Guitar Violin Drums Piano Vocals Dance Fitness Art Robotics |  Open to children and adults

Entry open to children and adults

Passionate musician and dancer

S. MEENAKSHI, Founder, CEO – Art Splash Academy

Stage performances and online

Art Splash coaches Trinity College London – Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Piano, Rock & Pop Vocals, Carnatic Vocals, Bharatnatyam, Dance, Zumba, Yoga, Robotics

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, June 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Possessed of a strong focus, unwavering dedication and discipline, an artist then even turns his passion into a profession, walking his path with dedication and devotion steadily and never dying attitude, finally enjoying the taste of success.

Meenakshi Senthil kumar is an example of turning her passion into a successful profession. A former IT professional, she always followed her heart through ups and downs and eventually began offering training in various art forms with a student and artist friendly approach by founding Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and fostering a creative environment.

Meenakshi, a Woman Inspiration and Mompreneur award winner and former IT professional, has been successfully leading the Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts since 2015. Winner of Best Educational Start-up, Difference Maker in Arts and Best E-School Awardee, Art Splash Academy educates children, youth and adults on the Trinity College London-approved Western curriculum in piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, rock and music Pop singing and violin on Western curriculum and Bharatnatyam, Carnatic singing, Hindusthani singing, light music, violin, mridangam from , Indian style flute and tabla, art from sketches, portraits to tanjore art, kerala murals to to acrylic paints, yoga, zumba, hip-hop, jazz and special choreographies for corporate events and occasions and more.

Her school offered great exposure to dance and singing, both her passions. She had participated in various cultural competitions and events during her school days and was recognized and honored by the prime ministers and governors of the time. She even performed at the opening dance of the International Sports Festival held in India during her 12th grade. The thrill was that the music was composed by our Oscar winner AR Rahman, India’s pride. She used to be an active participant in Lions club events, contests and book fairs each year.

To start a business we need the investment and that’s why she was keen to save up for the big day. It took years and she made up her mind after her younger child was born. She wanted to achieve a better balance between work and family without endangering both and allowing them to continue growing.

She really wanted to be an entrepreneur in the field of education. This decision was probably made around 2006 when she was struggling to find the balance between regular office, training and transition trips to Singapore, Malaysia, all of India and the global deployment of about five applications at a time.

Her team consists of wonderful musicians and she is proud of her team. They were with her in the ebb and flow. Despite their talents, there are many who face difficulties as they don’t have the right support to get a loan or start their own academy. Your earnings are not consistent. Only a handful really get to the top and luck plays a part. She understands that well. She has a longstanding bond with her teaching team and has trust. The lockdown had definitely pushed her hard. Although she hasn’t given up.
Hard things don’t last, hard people do!

Their teachers are very experienced in planning lessons and theory and in reaching out to students in a systematic way. This was a huge benefit for them and they not only gained new customers but kept them as well.

Their online presence has helped reach many countries including Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, USA – California, Texas, Australia, UK, France, UAE and more…

Their customers include middle, middle and high school students, students, professionals such as doctors, architects, IT professionals, business people, homemakers, corporations, schools, housing complexes and more…

Many customers abroad have regularly registered their children for their summer or winter camps during their holidays. They have always asked for online courses as the kids and parents have reached the comfort level. Many were impressed by her crash courses… Robotics, aeromodelling, and animation were all fruits of Meenakshi’s love of science and bespoke programs.

A 24 hour support system has been put in place to manage the time differences at various locations they serve. A technical support system during sessions has helped ensure there is no downtime.

She ensures that they not only train but also encourage and motivate the students to perform regularly at live and stage shows and online platforms.

She looks forward to serving more students who are passionate about art.

Contact: 91 8754485092 (mobile, whatsapp)
Instagram: artsplashadyar
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCvdjwxediKR4-1PLC6xScnQ

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