Kari Lake attacks drag shows, but will she let her daughter see one? | Wender Mind Kids

Kari Lake poses with drag queen Celia Putty.  Lake's t-shirt is an advertisement for Rick Stevens' drag show in which he stars as Barbra Seville.

Count Kari Lake is among those outraged by the recent controversy in a bid to fuel the far right.

Drag queens, that would be.

It’s downright lewd, Lake assures us, for kids to have attended drag shows.

“They kicked God out of the schools and welcomed the drag queens,” she said on Instagram on Friday Twitter. “They took down our flag and replaced it with a rainbow. They are trying to disarm the Americans and militarize our enemies. Let’s bring back the basics: God, Guns and Glory.”

Kari Lake tweeted June 18, 2022.

While we’re at it, we’re also bringing in a drag queen that Lake has known for well over two decades.

One of the Valley’s most well-known drag artists, Rick Stevens has performed as Barbra Seville in theatres, bars and parties across town for the last 25 years – and, he says, at parties held at Kari Lake’s house.

One of those parties, he says, was attended by Lake’s elementary-school-age daughter at the time.