How to help college kids move home for the summer | Sharon saline | Wender Mind Kids


Another school year is drawing to a close and many of us have welcomed our sons and daughters home from college.

Whether they’re just staying home for the summer or moving back in after graduation, everyone in the household has to make adjustments. Previously established family routines may require some adjustments or even a complete overhaul.

Your teenager may be living under your roof again, but you need to treat them like the young adult they are, not the kid they were.

The line between the end of parental authority and the start of your teen’s autonomy has shifted, creating tension as your household tries to live together again.

So how are you supposed to reengage with your teen with a healthy dose of parental authority while respecting their evolving independence?

You can relieve some of that tension by doing a number of tried and trueand-true approaches.

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Here’s how to help your college child’s school-to-home transition and keep the peace in your home

1. Consider your needs – and those of your child

Think about how your college-age son or daughter feels when they return home after a while. They have become accustomed to a certain degree of independence and self-management during their studies and do not want to feel “ordered” by their parents.

You can also focus on any number of new experiences – romantic relationships, changing friendships, summer jobs, or planning for the future. Your child may also be exhausted and needs some time to unwind and relax. The last thing they want to hear is a lecture, criticism, or unsolicited advice.