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 Gun rights group demands apology from Sen. Cornyn for 'mob' comment |  Texas

(The Center Square) – Fallout continues with US Senator John Cornyn negotiating a bipartisan gun control bill and calling the Texas GOP Convention “a mob” to the Texas Republicans who taunted and booed him.

The National Association for Gun Rights has denounced Cornyn, R-Texas, and demanded that he apologize for calling Texas Republicans a “mob.”

State Representative Bryan Slaton has called on Cornyn to resign. “Compromise Cornyn really should apologize to grassroots @TexasGOP activists, who he called a mob,” Slaton said. “And he should stop his attacks on their Second Amendment rights or resign.”

While making remarks at the convention, Cornyn was booed, jeered and interrupted by delegates throughout the 15 minutes that he spoke. They chanted “no red flag” and “don’t take our Second Amendment away from us” and also called him a traitor, The Center Square observed.

Delegates also unanimously passed a resolution condemning the bill he was proposing.

However, in response to the boos, he criticized the base that had helped him in his election.

Cari Kelemen, author of Considerer Homeschooling, said, “I’ve had friends who booed John Cornyn in the face at the Texas GOP convention and said, ‘No red flags! No red flags!’ Did he listen? no He just called them a mob.”

Quorum Report’s Scott Braddock tweeted, “After being confronted with such hate at the @TexasGOP conference in Houston, I’m told @JohnCornyn said to some people, ‘I never gave in to the mob and I have doesn’t start today.’”

Cornyn retweeted Braddock’s tweet and reiterated his support. He has not denied making the comments, nor has he directly responded to requests to apologize or resign. His office could not be reached for comment.

Cornyn remains steadfast in his support for the new law that President Joe Biden signed into law Saturday.

On Monday, Cornyn went on the offensive speaking to reporters on a media call.

Referring to being booed and taunted, he said: “Unfortunately it was an awkward experience, but I showed up knowing it could happen the way it did and thought maybe some people would actually listen ‘ reported the Dallas Morning News. “Unfortunately, the people who wanted to listen couldn’t hear because those who … ended any type of dialogue or conversation.”

He also doubled down on his criticism of the Republican delegates, saying, “Republican primary voters are a much broader group than is represented at the Republican convention.”

Although gun rights organizations oppose the law, its passage, he said, “shows that there is no outside organization that has veto power over good public policy in this area.”

“John Cornyn is the definition of a two-faced politician,” Dudley Brown, president of NAGR, said in a statement. “He claims to support the Second Amendment but is actually working to undermine our gun rights by making deals with anti-gun Democrats — and when his constituents held him publicly accountable, he called them a mob. It appears Senator Cornyn hates the First Amendment as much as he hates the Second Amendment and will continue to undermine the Bill of Rights as long as he is in public office.”

Texas Gun Rights executive director Chris McNutt said, “Texans don’t want gun control” and at the convention, Texans used their First Amendment rights “to let Cornyn know we will not tolerate his treason.”

Cornyn claims the law “contains important targeted reforms,” ​​including “robust protections from trial…while respecting Second Amendment rights.” And “As long as a person is not classified as mentally ill or a violent criminal, nobody’s rights will be affected by this legislation. Period.”

Cornyn could have supported a bill proposed by US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that would have doubled law enforcement officers in schools and increased funding for prosecuting violent offenders, critics note. He did not, and the new law does not contain these provisions. Instead, the law promotes red flag laws and a variety of measures that do not improve school safety but only undermine Second Amendment rights, Cruz said.

Cornyn said the law “does not introduce any new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.”

Roman Perez, vice chairman of the Cameron County GOP, however, argues, “Law-abiding isn’t exactly fair or consistent when you change the law and the definition of who can and can’t have a gun.”

He also lamented that Cornyn was “too busy giving in to Democrat demands rather than working with Cruz to actually do something that could work without violating our constitutional rights.”