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The transition from elementary school to secondary school is a major milestone. Gone are the days when teachers prepared children for advanced learning. Instead, the children go to school, where they are responsible not only for making it to several classes on time, but also for completing a lot of homework in a way that has not been done before. Something that is a big transition.

Therefore, children should be celebrated for getting through their elementary school years when the foundation for future learning has been laid. And one way to do that is to organize a graduation ceremony for children leaving primary school.

Only then do parents realize how important it is for children to complete primary school. Then, in the blink of an eye, the memories of kindergarten through fifth grade flood up and parents can’t believe how big their kids are growing so fast.

So it’s nice to celebrate the milestones children reach to remember the times that fly by. And a great way to do that is by gathering friends and family to say goodbye to fifth grade and elementary school.

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Here are some end of term party ideas for kids leaving elementary school.

10 movie night

A great way to say goodbye to elementary school and ring in summer is with an outdoor movie night. During this time, children can invite some or all of their classmates to watch a fun movie through the projector.

For those who are tech savvy and have some time to spare, the night can even kick off with a montage video showing how last school year or all school years were for the kids.

Of course there will be a food stand with all the movie favorites and a great party will have been thrown to mark the end of the fifth year.

9 picnic

Want to celebrate the end of elementary school with a day activity? Have a picnic!

For those with a large enough yard, a backyard picnic with lawn games is a fun way to end the school year.

But if that’s not an option, you can go to a local park and set up a picnic blanket with all the fixings, or even a shelter or two in the park to protect everyone from the sun and keep everyone entertained to congratulate the fifth. Class leading to middle school.

8th zoo party

Want a fun way for kids to say goodbye to the end of elementary school? Go to the zoo!

Whether it’s general tickets and enjoying the day together, or renting an area at the zoo to celebrate in style, the kids and parents alike will enjoy the venue and won’t be short of entertainment with all the wild animals.

7 Arcade & Pizza

Years ago there were birthday parties in the pizzeria and arcade, they say The Constitution of the Atlanta Journal. Now birthday celebrations are on a larger scale than what a pizzeria can handle. But it’s the perfect size for a year-end party.

Because kids can chat and eat pizza when they’re hungry, a group of friends or the whole class can run around and have fun while parents mingle and relax by throwing a party in a place which essentially has everything to offer those finishing fifth grade and preparing for middle school.

6 Barbecue in the backyard

An easy way to throw a casual party is to throw a backyard cookout to send the kids from elementary school to the wilderness of middle school this summer.

With an endless number of grilling items out there, everyone will have a favorite to enjoy away from the grill. Throw in some lawn games, have live music and some festive decorations and a party perfect for tweens has been created.

5 dr Seuss party

One of the most important books that many children will have when they finish school is Dr. Sweet’ Oh the places you’ll go! And since many finish the time teachers are signing the book in elementary school, it’s very appropriate to have a Dr. to throw Seuss.

Corresponding Lisa’s workshopThe book’s signatories include everyone from teachers to coaches during these formative years. So, invite those special people to the party who have really made a difference to kids over the years.

And because it’s a Dr. Seuss party, the wilder and more over the top the decor, the better. There is nothing too much for a Dr. Seuss theme day.

4 Fiesta Party

One way to have an incredibly fun elementary school goodbye is with a fiesta themed party. After all, what’s better than bright colors, delicious food, and pinatas?

Corresponding Party cabin for children, Children may be encouraged to dress in bright colors to match the theme of the day. And outfitting the kids in sombreros upon their arrival is sure to get them into the theme of the party.

Creating a taco bar is a great way to serve everyone the food they like and relieves the host of the work of preparing a meal for everyone.

And what would the day be without board games? As such, everything from Pass the Sombrero to Mexican Kick Ball can be enjoyed, according to the publication, with the night ending with breaking open a piñata.

3 Tropical Luau

While most people don’t live in an area where luaus are the norm, that doesn’t mean you can’t be made for a year-end party. So get out those flip-flops, grab some leis, turn on the ukulele music, and watch as patrons quickly get into the islands vibe.

It’s up to the host whether they want to cater for the day and be incredibly authentic, or have appetizers that make guests feel like they’re celebrating in an area far from home. Either way, there will be something for the guests.

And if hosts want to go all out, capping off the day with dancers or fire throwers for the evening would be an exciting option.

2 chocolate bar

If parents are looking for a low-key way to celebrate the end of the year, a candy bar party is one way to do it.

With all the graduation kids’ favorite foods ready to be nibbled on while the kids mingle with some games, it’s a party that lasts just long enough to get guests on a sugar rush. And when the sugar rush is at its peak, it’s time to send everyone home with a goodie bag full of goodies and warm wishes for the summer.

1 school spirit party

To cheer the kids on for the next school year, throw a middle school end of year party full of school spirit.

Next, decorating the party with the colors of the school children, together with the mascot, will inspire the children to take the next step in their education. (Bonus points if a mascot can actually throw the party and mingle with the kids for a while.)

Have food that is in upcoming school colors and everyone will have a fun day.

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