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 Coachella 2022, Weekend One: Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities |  arts

The spring season brings blooming flowers, chirping birds, and Coachella as celebrities, influencers, and anyone with the time and money to spend music and fashion in a hot, dusty desert. Those not in attendance may not be able to get to a live performance of Megan Thee Stallion, but they can still judge the celebrity outfits.

Best Swimsuit Outfit: Chlöe Bailey

Plenty of celebrities wore bathing suits with robes, but few looked as stunning as Chlöe Bailey. Brightly colored from head to toe, she wore a yellow-green bikini with a matching bathrobe and chunky magenta cropped sandals, all from Beyoncé’s IVY PARK collection. She stood out because she took her swimwear seriously. Plenty of celebrities looked ready for a casual day at the pool, but Bailey approached her swimsuit as a fashion statement, styling the casual look in a runway-ready way.

Best Comfortable Outfit: Kendall Jenner

On day two, Kendall Jenner wore a cropped white tank top, white wide-leg pants with large pockets, and flip-flops. Her outfit was neat, understated, and comfortable. When you consider Coachella-goers stand, walk, and dance for hours in the sweltering heat, the desire to bring back a practical Coachella dress is fitting, especially after the comfy-cute trend of quarantine. Also, Jenner could wear a jute potato sack and people would still call it fashion.

Best Signature Style Outfit: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish performed in an outfit that wasn’t surprising but perfectly suited her image. Her matching set of biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt in a muted beige graffiti print design harmonize her looks from 2019 and newer, showing confidence in her evolving identity and style.

Worst Outfit: James Charles

James Charles’ outfit on day one is hard to describe and even harder to justify: Green and brown fabric with orange stitching covered maybe a quarter of his skin. It lacks form, lacks style, and the nature-inspired colors are terrible. This outfit could easily be made from leftover material from a children’s art project. Still, fans weren’t surprised. For Charles, this outfit is not at all unusual.

Best Outfit: Conan Grey

For his first Coachella, Conan Gray stunned in a custom pink Valentino ensemble. His ensemble consisted of long gloves, baggy pants, platform boots, and a beautiful, flowing, see-through, veil-like full-body cloak. Monochrome was a popular trend this weekend and gray claimed it.

Daring Style: Chloe Cherry

Many Coachella 2022 outfits were inspired by Y2K style and fashion nostalgia, and Chloe Cherry managed to channel the 80’s, the 90’s and the future all at once. She looked like a sassy, ​​unsupervised preschooler, but she owned the looks and her confidence sold her outfits anyway. Her best piece of clothing has been a denim mini skirt with playful patches and the dazzling word “KITTY” on the back pockets from day one.

Best dressed in street style: Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio’s outfits were cute and simple — and there should be room for simplicity in Coachella fashion. She wore mini dresses every three days: a white crochet dress, a black petticoat with a long mesh skirt, and a yellow-green butterfly dress. Her clothes are best categorized as street style as they could easily fit into an everyday environment. This casual look wasn’t a faux pas, however; D’Amelio is essentially known for being a relatable teenager, so dressing like one was appropriate for her.

Worst Dressed, Consistently: Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen performed in a hot pink, multicolored floral jumpsuit with ruffles and cutouts paired with white high-heeled pointy saddle shoes — an outfit befitting of the children’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba!” When she debuted her song “Western Wind,” she wore a short one-piece garment covered in silver tinsel-like fringes, which likely represent the track’s title. It was cheesy and dowdy at best. Backstage, Jepsen wore a white lace dress that would have been cute for a middle school student in 2013, perhaps an attempt to throw back the “Call Me Maybe” days.

Ultimate Mixed Bag: Doja Cat

Doja Cat wore the best outfits on stage but the worst offstage. Her first off-duty outfit consisted of baggy, low-slung, tragic denim shorts clashing with pointed-toe, mustard yellow tragic tall boots. Her next outfit, with a crop top and black and maroon pants, tried hard but ultimately failed, largely due to the pants looking cheap and lazy next to the elaborate bodice. However, Doja Cat made up for this fashion disaster by appearing in four incredible, completely different ensembles, which proved to be the best looks on stage during the first weekend of this year’s Coachella.

Best Coachella Style: Vanessa Hudgens

Coachella continues to be Vanessa Hudgens’ time to shine. First, Hudgens wore a monokini and a glittery crochet cover-up in neutral hues. Next, she wore a magenta outfit consisting of a crocheted bikini top, flowy pants, flowy robe and bucket hat. Hudgen’s most eye-catching outfit was a sheer lime green dress over a striped bikini with a straw beach hat. Her look was fun, light and lively. She took part in many of this year’s Coachella fashion trends — crochet cover-ups, swimsuits, see-through dresses, floaty pants, bucket hats, and monochromatic outfits — and made them her own.

During the first weekend of Coachella 2022, celebrities proved that in fashion, one or two key colors, patterns, shapes or styles go a long way.