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Children's baking sets 2022: The 10 best baking sets for children aged 2 and over

From Lakeland to Amazon to Not on the High Street, here are the best kids baking sets for 2022 and where to buy them online.

“Baking is a great way to teach skills, not just measuring, but following recipes and directions. And to know and understand which utensils are used for which part of the baking. You can also sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a cup of coffee afterwards. Win-win,” says Stephanie Lowe, Goodto’s family editor (opens in new tab). “I learned to love baking when I was a toddler. And having back sets made specifically for his small hands and developmental level definitely helped.”

Baking with your little ones just got easier thanks to this selection of nifty baking sets. Whether you are looking for a gift or simply want to give your child more responsibility in the kitchen, a baking set specially designed for children is a good choice. They’re also perfect for making a whole host of easy kids’ baking recipes (opens in new tab). These sets are suitable for ages 2+ with adult supervision.

Baking Sets for Kids: Lakeland Ultimate Baking Gift Set

The ideal set for preparing, baking and decorating Lakeland cupcakes

1. Lakeland’s ultimate baking gift set

Rating in stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Age: 3+

Why we love it: Best price performance ratio

This great value set includes everything a budding little baker could need. Love the fun bright colors, but it’s also sturdy and of good quality. It’s suitable for ages 3+, but there’s so much in this set that it’s great for older kids too. Non-stick means no extra butter or oil is needed in recipes. Reusable cupcake liners mean less waste. “My soon to be 4-year-old son likes it. Very good quality and I’ve made some great cakes,” says a satisfied Lakeland customer.

what is included: This kit includes everything your child needs to get started. Rolling pin, nylon-bristle pastry brush, silicone spatula, whisk, and six plastic measuring spoons, to name a few. Not forgetting 10 different plastic cutters, a mini loaf tin, a mini tartlet tin and a mini 6-hole cupcake tin. We also love the mini silicone cupcake liners, 2-piece silicone mini cake pop mold, cake pop stand and 12 reusable cake pop sticks.