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Mother and child laughing and baking in kitchen

Did you know that getting kids involved in the kitchen can have positive lifelong benefits? It not only gives them hands-on experience, but also encourages them to try different foods and cuisines.

There are other benefits too, such as building confidence, improving math, science and creative skills, and spending quality time with loved ones.


If your kid can only make one piece of toast, maybe it’s time to bring it to the kitchen! Let’s check out nine amazing YouTube channels with kid-friendly recipes and dishes.

Zoe loves everything creative, whether sewing, painting or drawing. However, she has a special love for cooking, which is why she started Kids Cooking with Zoe during quarantine.

The little cook Zoe is still young, but she knows her way around in the kitchen. If you’re looking for snack recipes, breakfast meals, or yummy treats, she has lots of great playlists you’ll love.

For fun and easy recipes, check out Zoe’s Easy After School Snacks on YouTube or her Braaibroodjie recipe, the South African version of a grilled cheese sandwich.

CharlisCraftyKitchen presents Charli and Ash, two adorable cooking enthusiasts who just love to share their fun, easy and healthy recipes.

Charli and Ash are here to help if you are looking for kids party ideas. Your channel has adorable recipes whether your little ones love Frozen, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or Sesame Street.

The great thing about this cooking channel is the fact that they love to make healthy treats too. One of her most popular YouTube videos, with 109 million views, is her watermelon popsicle! You have to try this popsicle; Three ingredients and a blender is all you need.

Young foodie and cookbook author Amber Kelley is a delightful role model for older kids and teens who want to spend more time in the kitchen.

Amber’s YouTube channel has enjoyed many years of success since she began her cooking adventure over nine years ago. Believe it or not, Amber even cooked up crispy rainbow slaw with the amazing Jamie Oliver!

Check out Amber’s extensive recipe index for playlists for appetizers, desserts, snacks, entrees and more. For a tasty, healthy after-school snack, try Amber’s Peanut Butter Energy Bites or Peach Oat Bars.

The Family Fun Pack channel follows an American family consisting of mother Kristine, her husband Matt and their seven children. Her YouTube videos are about having fun, travelling, being creative and doing fun activities for kids.

On her channel you will find a special playlist with easy to follow recipes. Each recipe video includes all the instructions and ingredients you need to prepare the dish in your own kitchen.

With over 50 delicious recipes and cooking videos, your kitchen will be filled with fun and laughter. A couple of dishes you must try at home are the rainbow cookies and the cheesy chicken rice.

One of the best ways to get kids to try different foods is to teach them how to cook. The Messy Hands YouTube channel is a super fun place to start for your kids.

One of the best series on the channel is I Can Cook. The show is hosted by the lovely Katy who has tons of positive energy and cooking tips and tricks to share.

All recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious. Also, the show features real kids cooking along with Katy, which is a lot more fun!

For kids who love sweet treats, watch Strawberry Meringue Ice Cream YouTube video. And for those who love hearty food, try the toad in the hole recipe!

Encouraging kids to get into the kitchen isn’t easy, but the Eats Amazing YouTube channel makes it so much easier.

This aesthetically pleasing channel is full of adorable videos with cute and easy recipes that almost anyone can follow. There are several playlists that kids will love. Some are perfect for Christmas parties, offering themed treats for Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

Eats Amazing has a few must-try YouTube recipe videos, like Reindeer Peanut Butter Rice Crunchy Treats, Tortilla Pizza Boats, and Yeti Coconut Bites.

For those with a sweet tooth, Cake Ideas By Hoopla Recipes is an exciting YouTube channel full of videos perfect for beginner bakers.

Whether you’re a kid or not, you’ll love what the Hoopla Recipes channel has to offer. This channel has everything from cakes, cookies, popsicles and ice cream cone cupcakes to cakesicles and more!

However, some of the recipes are a bit complicated and require a little help from an adult. Anyway, the Hoopla Recipes YouTube channel is an exciting way to get the whole family in the kitchen to cook together.

The WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel is all about recipes, hacks, parenting advice, DIYs and more. For cooking tips and easy, family-friendly recipes, check out the EAT playlist on the channel.

Many of the recipe video presenters are also children, which makes it fun for the youngsters to follow. Who knows, the WhatsUpMoms cooking videos could turn even a picky eater into an avid cook!

If your kids love sleeping over with their friends, they can learn how to make sweet treats together. How about homemade pasta? It gives you some time to bond and maybe even encourage them to pack their own lunch.

To get kids excited about time in the kitchen, all you have to do is combine cooking with fun. With over 19 million subscribers, 5-Minute Crafts Play proves that creating recipes can be a joyful experience.

This YouTube channel is full of interesting videos about DIY decorating ideas, crafts, experiments and tricks. However, a special playlist is dedicated to kitchen hacks and easy recipes.

Your kids love eggs? Check out her video on some crazy ways to boil eggs. If they prefer sweet treats, check out this Yummy TikTok Desserts YouTube video. So round up the kids and pick some fun recipes to try.

Make memories in the kitchen with your kids

In fact, kids are more likely to eat something when they make their own, and that’s great if you have picky eaters in your family. Plus, cooking together as a family is an opportunity to bond and communicate regularly.

If you want to encourage your kids to spend more time in the kitchen, learning, having fun and eating, visit these nine YouTube cooking channels now.