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10 Party Ideas For Boy & Girl's 4th Birthday

Planning birthday parties is fun for many moms, but for some it can be a real chore. Trying to find a topic and making sure she gets everything she needs for it can be a lot of work. However, she wants to make sure her child has a great birthday party to remember, as these are some of the most beautiful moments of motherhood. Older kids are usually pretty vocal about what kind of party they want, but younger kids can be a bit tricky. They either change their theme every day so Mom doesn’t know what to plan, or they can’t figure out what their theme should be.

This leaves all the planning to the mom, and while this may make some moms nervous, others may choose to embrace it. Choosing a theme doesn’t have to be difficult when you have great inspiration. A theme that always works well is one that is relatively simple and universal. One where mom knows she will find everything she needs and one that works for both girls and boys. This makes it a lot easier to make sure everyone is having fun. When it comes to 4 year old boys and girls, we have 10 great birthday party ideas.

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10 Rock’n’Roll

Music is a universal language and something everyone loves. This party theme can be adorable and one that everyone can have fun with. According to Mom Junction, when it comes to activities, mom just needs to get some toy instruments for everyone to rock out with, or mom can lead a craft where they make their own. Then all she has to do is put on some tunes and everyone will have a rockin’ time.

9 tea parties

Tea parties seem to be only for girls, but children of all genders can enjoy them. Mom can take it a step further and turn it into a disguised tea party. Girls can wear their favorite princess outfits, boys their best, or they can come as their favorite superheroes. There really are no rules here and the only limit is your imagination.

8th carnival

Carnival is fun for everyone, and the best part about this type of party is that there are always plenty of activities to choose from. Carnivals are full of fun games, activities and good food. Mom can hire a clown or magician if she wants and make sure they serve up loads of popcorn and cotton candy. This is a party everyone will be talking about.

7 pajama party

Not many have thought of the idea of ​​a slumber party, and this one might be great for a birthday that lands in a inclement weather season and calls for an indoor party. Mom can have all the kids come in their pajamas and bring their favorite stuffed animals. Then they can all engage in some stories and movies together.

6 art and sculptures

According to Motherly, kids love crafts, so why not make the theme of the party? All mom has to do is a quick Pinterest search and she’ll find tons of fun crafts for 4 year olds to make. Crafts also have no gender, so it can be enjoyed by any child and any gender. Mom can either make several crafts or have one big one that lets the kid go home with something cool that they made themselves (think of a painted birdhouse as an example).

5 pizza party

Who doesn’t love a good pizza party! The best thing about this party is that your guests will be the ones who cook their own meals. According to First Cry Parenting, mom can set up stations where the kids can bake their own mini pizzas. That way lunch is taken care of and the kids have a lot of fun making their own lunch.

4 water party

If your kid’s party ends up in the middle of summer, why not plan an outdoor water party? Water features can be great fun, and there are plenty of options for mom. She can use water balloons and water guns or set up a slide and slide and build a water park in the garden. Treats like ice cream and popsicles are perfect for this.

3 A food theme

Food themed parties are always fun and the possibilities are endless. Donut parties can be fun and there are a lot of cute slogans for them, like “donut is growing up”. Children can decorate their own donuts. Some other food themed ideas include sundaes, cookies, or even a candy land party.

2 animal theme

What little kid doesn’t like animals? Whether it’s safari animals, farm animals, or your everyday pets, kids will love seeing pictures and engaging in animal-related activities. There are companies that will bring you some animals for your kids to interact with.

1 jumping for joy

Kids love to jump, and 4-year-olds have plenty of energy to burn. If you fill them up with sugar and candy, you might want something to wear them down a bit before sending them home. If Mom wants to have the party somewhere other than at home, she can throw it at a local trampoline park. If she wants to have it at home, she can rent a bouncy castle for all the children.

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