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35 July 4th nail ideas that go beyond red, white and blue

July 4th is all about celebration. From BBQs to long days at the beach, it’s one of the most fun vacations of the summer. But why stop celebrating at parties and activities – throw a 4th of July party with nails too.

By now you’ve probably seen Independence Day-inspired recipes (hello hot dogs and yummy desserts), cocktails, and clothing everywhere. But your beauty looks — especially those nails — deserve to get in the fun too. You could go classic with traditional red, white and blue color combinations and star designs galore. You can also think outside the box and play with unexpected designs (flowers and cherries can work perfectly for the Fourth if you want) or different shades of the more traditional colors. The possibilities really are endless.

If you need help narrowing down nail inspo, you’ve come to the right place. This extensive list offers art for every taste. From minimalistic designs to full Maximista glitter bombs, there is at least one thing that will catch your eye. So get ready and check out 35 July 4th Nail Designs below to celebrate America’s birthday. It’s the best way to celebrate.


Festive tips

Dress up a classic French mani with all the decals that scream 4th of July. Cherries, stars and red, white and blue stripes delicately painted create an adorable nail look.


Double French

Two are always better than one. Go double French with blue and red tips for a classic 4th of July look.


Mix it up

Mix and match shades and glitter finishes on different nails for a mix of festive nails that are fun and classic.



White nails alone are a summer staple. But to make it more festive, paint on gold star stickers for something unexpected.


Star Shower Tips

Warning: you will see many French mani variations on this list. This has small star showers in red, white and blue.


negative space

Paint the tips and bottom of your nail bed with a mini crescent using a mixture of red, white, and blue to create some negative space. The contrast is dynamic.


A French twist

You don’t have to use red, white and blue at the same time to be festive. Stick to a color mix of different shades, like this double blue French manicure with a cool-girl twist.


hardcore festive

Stripes, tie-dye, stars and glitter – mix and match it all on your hand for the ultimate Independence Day nail.


pastel delight

Opt for muted, soft hues of classic 4th of July colors in fun designs like gingham and stripes for a nail look that will make you happy just looking at it.


shooting stars

This whimsical and dreamy shooting star design is a super fun way to celebrate America’s independence.


Ice Cream Nails

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Wear your love for the iconic summer dessert on your nails with these adorable ice cream cones and dripping ice cream designs.


American rock

The tongue and mouth decals give off some really cool rocker vibes.


sea ​​blue

Go classic and simple with a deep blue hue.


Bottom center

The muted blue and red on each side of the nail makes for a truly stunning combination.


Ombré Tips

Combine navy, maroon and a touch of orange for a pretty French ombré tip. This is something you can wear well past fourth.


Silver accents

Don’t want to go all out with the American flag design? Paint two nails a cool silver metallic to balance out all the patriotic art.


chrome stars

Do you want to be festive without being to festive? Opt for these chrome star stickers on a bare nail.


Matt movements

Highlight shimmering red and blue star designs and watercolor tips with a matte finish.


sweet sugar

The 4th of July is as much about the food – especially all those sugary goodies – as it is about the beach, the fireworks, and the celebration of America. Get inspired by the ice cream, sprinkles, donuts and other desserts you eat with these fun slanted nail drip designs.


Starry Night

These white star stickers against a shimmery dark blue background are a dreamy 4th of July manicure.


Pop of the Stars

If you want to take a more calm approach to heavenly nail art, place small star stickers on one finger and paint the rest in a single shade. Not only will these adorable designs really stand out, they’re just so clean and beautifully put together.


Red glitter

The more glitter the better in my opinion. Opt for a red glitter bomb to really stand out.


Sparkling Swirls

White swirls on a red, silver and blue shimmering base look whimsical and mesmerizing.


Light shades

Lighter shades of blue and red are great colors for July 4th nails. Opt for turquoise and a cherry red to paint stripes, flowers and stars throughout.


cherry picnic

Sometimes you don’t have to be straight on the nose. These gingham and cherry nails are seasonal while also being more unique than the most obvious 4th of July nails.


neon bright

You really don’t have to stick to red, white and blue. This combination of neon turquoise and hot pink still feels festive going the non-traditional route.


Aligned Stars

Can’t decide between Stars and Stripes? You don’t have to. Paint one hand with all the stars and the other hand with all the stripes.


Go dark

Navy nails really are a staple that you can rock well past the 4th. This matte shimmer dip manicure is simply stunning and perfect for the luxe night-time aesthetic.


Light hit

Watermelon red matte nails just scream summertime fun. Mix the shade with star designs on one side and it makes a very memorable mani.


Draped Stars

Flip the French mani on its side and drape red and blue stripes and white stars at an angle at the top of your nail.


off white

Spice up a bright white manicure by leaving two nails exposed with stars painted on them.


cherry bomb

Cherry designs are cute on their own, but mix in some 4th of July colors like a sky blue stem and white French tips to make them perfect for the occasion.


fun daisies

Daisy nails are one of the funnest trends to incorporate. Paint them onto a French red manicure for floral-inspired yet festive nails.


sparkle and shimmer

Add some sparkle to your red, white and blue with shimmer and crystals on different nails.


Picnic Dreams

Mix all of summer’s iconic prints – gingham, stripes and cherries – on one side to really ring in the holidays.