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22 summer camps in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for 2022

The summer holidays are officially upon us and while many families are heading to cooler climes, others will settle indoors for the UAE season.

That’s where summer camps for kids come in, keeping little ones entertained during the day while mom and dad work – or relax.

There are options for all ages, from babies to teenagers, and all kinds of interests, as creative themed camps are available from nurseries, hotels, fitness facilities and more.

This is just a small part of what is on offer in the Emirates this summer.

Abu Dhabi

Al Forsan International Sports Resort

Karting, swimming, horseback riding, basketball, soccer, handicrafts, archery, gymnastics, trampoline jumping and even cooking are all on the program at Al Forsan Sports Resort’s children’s summer camp this year. That and much more.

Events: July 20 – August 26

Price: From Dh835 for a week

Age: 4-14

Contact: 052 921 0110



Over at Galleria Al Maryah Island, Caboodle hosts a summer camp with all sorts of creative indoor activities for kids. This includes theatre, gardening, storytelling, sensory play, fabric painting, building blocks, obstacle courses, cookie decorating, science experiments, music, movement and free play time.

Events: July 13 – August 26

Price: From Dh180 per day

Age: 4-9

Contact: 02 679 8019


DCT—Abu Dhabi

This one is for older children. The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture and Tourism is hosting a two-week immersion program designed to inspire Emirati students to consider a career in Abu Dhabi’s growing tourism sector. It includes formal training and work experience, as well as a five-day internship in one of the emirate’s hotels.

Only 50 Emirati nationals can participate in this program, which includes workshops, tutorials, field trips and lectures by experts. Registration closes on July 5th.

Events: July 25 – August 5

Age: 17-21


Dolphin Sports Academy

Kids can look like dolphins and practice swimming at this academy at Maplewood Canadian International School in Mohamed Bin Zayed City this summer. Football, basketball and other children’s activities are also offered, and transportation is offered for Dh400 more.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: From Dh400 for a week

Age: 5-12

Contact: 056 338 8665


Emirates Palace

As part of the hotel’s Summer of Discoveries campaign, the summer camp for young explorers takes place in cooperation with the ProKid sports club. The children go on a cultural journey, discover nature, sports, games, art and movement. This takes the form of activities and experiences led by trained professionals at one of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic and luxurious properties, and there are different groups for different age categories.

Events: July 4 – August 28

Price: From Dh275 for weekday or weekend, paid in advance

Age: 3-14

Contact: 02 690 7311


Emirates Park Zoo

Children can learn about the animals at the famous Abu Dhabi Zoo and also engage in conservation topics such as habitats, extinct creatures and animal husbandry.

Events: June 27 – August 26

Price: From Dh160 per day

Age: 4-16

Contact: 02 501 0000


Makerspace Al Zeina

Kids can get creative at Makerspace Al Zeina, which is hosting five camps this summer. Junior Jewelers teaches kids to cast, stamp, cut and work with jewelry tools so they can create their own pieces to take home. The four-day DIY Makers’ Camp invites children to create wildlife-themed artworks, while another is forward-thinking. There is also the Fabric & Threads Camp which includes sessions on textile design, laser cutting and macrame.

Events: July 4th – August 18th

Price: From Dh250 per day

Age: 8-14

Contact: 02 558 8624


zone of wolves

Located in Zayed Sports City, this mixed martial arts academy offers eight weeks of sports-related activities. Training sessions in jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling and muay thai are on the program, led by experienced trainers in a safe environment.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: From Dh950 per week

Age: 5-12

Contact: info@wolveszoneuae.com


Zayed Sports City

Budding skaters are gathering at this spot this summer to practice their axels and twizzes. The Zayed Sports Academy hosts a camp for beginners and another for advanced players.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: From Dh840 per week

Age: 5-12

Contact: 02 403 4333




Enrolling your child for summer camp at Air Maniax in Al Quoz, Dubai will also give them access to camp at Street Maniax. Activities include crafts, magic shows, boxing and dance classes, as well as games and prizes to be won. Camp fees also include lunch and drinks.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: From Dh170 per day

Age: 3-12

Contact: 04 348 8981


Aventura Parks

Learn all about life skills during holiday camps at Aventura Parks. The Adventure Zipline Park features nature-based activities and programs, as well as pets to interact with.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: From Dh180 for a morning

Age: 5-12

Contact: 052 624 5007


Beit Arabi

Available to book through Kidzapp or through the Beit Arabi Instagram account, this summer camp offers full immersion in Arabic for the season, giving your child a crash course in the language.

Events: June 27 – August 26

Price: Dh1,100

Age: 3:5-12

Contact: 050 516 3635


cheeky monkeys

This camp is available at all Cheeky Monkeys locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah. It offers structured fun with creative arts and crafts sessions, cooking, science experiences, and more. It’s only open to potty-trained children.

Events: July 4th – September 9th

Price: From Dh125 per session

Age: 3-8

Contact: 055 340 0526


Nursery Oasis

This kindergarten Umm Suqeim 2 focuses on his summer camp in the rainforest. Children are introduced to the colorful birds that call the rainforest home and the plants, trees and flowers that grow there.

Events: July 4 – August 31

Price: From Dh735 for three days

Age: 1-4

Contact: 800 244 53736


courtyard playhouse

This season, some summer camps are being held at the Courtyard Playhouse. The Mini Storytellers Summer Camp for ages 4-7 has sold out, but the Junior Actors Summer Camp is still open. In this way, children explore the imaginative world of their favorite actors’ picture books and bring them to life on stage.

Events: 4th-8th July

Price: From Dh1.215

Age: 8-11

Contact: 050 986 1760


Fun with robotics

Do you have the next Steve Jobs in your midst? Then send your emerging brainwave to an educational summer camp at Fun Robotics. It introduces girls and boys to coding and topics like inventing apps, 3G robotics, artificial intelligence, programming with Minecraft, cyber security, Raspberry Pi, Kodu Game Lab and more.

These take place in person and online.

Events: July 30 – September 1

Price: From Dh446 (online) or Dh893 (local)

Age: 7-9 and 10-plus

Contact: 04 338 8354


jungle gymnast

For an all round summer camp that ticks many criteria and age groups, try Jungle Gymsters at The Mall in Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim 3. The theme is travel around the world and includes activities from each country including dance, crafts, culinary sessions, music and more. There’s gymnastics, karate, crafts, painting, storytelling, zumba, yoga and more.

Events: June 20 – September 2

Price: From Dh200 for a day

Age: 18 months-12

Contact: 04 258 2820


Odyssey Kindergarten

The Odyssey Nursery’s summer camps at Umm Suqeim, JBR and Sheikh Zayed Road, among others, are all about pets.

Kids will learn about different types of pets, how to take care of them, games to play with them and all about animal friendliness. Pets & Me is part of Reggio Emilia’s project-based learning style, which learns through role-play and exploration.

Events: July 4 – August 31

Price: From Dh515 for two days

Age: 1 to 4

Contact: 800 639 24453



There is a different theme every week at the OliOli Children’s Museum in Dubai. Summer Blast Camps feature specially curated activities with weeks inspired by dinosaurs, water, space and superheroes.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: Dh1,090 per week

Age: 4 to 10

Contact: 04 702 7300



The water sports company hosts a summer camp at Sofitel Dubai The Palm with a range of beach and water sports activities for children to take part in. These include stand up paddling, polo, dragon boat racing, tug of war, ultimate frisbee, fish feeding and beach clean ups. There will also be nature talks and competitions.

Events: July 4th – August 26th

Price: Dh500

Age: 7-12

Contact: 050 551 0238


The Green Planet

Dubai’s indoor rainforest offers children the opportunity to learn more about the environment and sustainability during the summer camp. This also includes getting very close to the animals, plants and ecosystems that call the Biodome home. There will also be crafts, games, scavenger hunts and more.

Events: July 18 – August 18

Price: From Dh225 for a day

Age: 5-12

Contact: 800 7699


Willow Nursery

Using Reggio Emilia’s play-based learning techniques, Willow Nursery branches in Umm Suqeim, One Central and Dubai Marina are hosting water-themed summer camps this season. This includes water play experiences, experiments and educational fun.

Events: July 4 – August 31

Price: From Dh609 for two days

Age: 1-4

Contact: 800 945569


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