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As a new dad who is constantly soaked with exhaustion and unable to multitask, bottle feeding in the middle of the night has become one of life’s biggest challenges.

It’s not actually preparing the bottles that makes things difficult (pro tip: make the bottles before you go to sleep) but the simple task of waking up itself. After that, the whole routine is basically muscle memory.

I snuggle my newborn, change her diaper, grab a bottle and throw on our favorite playlist to keep her relaxed – at least I’m assuming it’s her favorite playlist too, as she doesn’t really give me that at six weeks can say something else.

But even though the playlist is (is) just for me, I’m in love with baby music. Because instead of playing those boring and creepy old lullabies, I fell down the rabbit hole Rock a faraway baby! covers.

For the non/new parents, Rock a faraway baby! Covering artists of all generations and genres, it transforms pop, rock, synth and hip-hop songs into perfectly minimalistic and instrumental lullabies.

They’re as cute as they are awesome, to the point where I sometimes just play them instead of the actual version of the song I want to hear.

My current playlist has 70+ songs and lasts over four hours, but I keep finding myself on the same handful of songs. So it’s only right to share what I’ve come to appreciate during those 3am sessions.

Gwen Stefani’s voice translates perfectly to the melody for this cover, which still finds a way to progress from understated verses to a rocking chorus in an almost effortless manner. Also, the tempo of this song helps you skip around and instead lets you sing slowly to your baby so she can hear each lyric the way Gwen intended.

Another track that’s perfect for a sing-along and as fun as ever (especially when your partner is also awake and in tune as you take turns trying to emulate Freddie Mercury’s matchless talents). I have found that I use this to rock my baby to sleep most of the time in the middle of the night before putting him back in his crib. Then I hum this version to put myself back to sleep. It’s just that good.

I shouldn’t be surprised that David Bowie’s vocals translate perfectly to the xylophone, but boy oh boy does it work so well. It starts out a bit slow, but ends up being a real catchy tune. You would also like to teach your child to dance like Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein.

Actually, this is not a midnight feeding song. This is bath music. It’s as simple as that. It really sets the mood for a very soothing bath or hand-to-hand combat with a month-old who doesn’t want to be brushed.

It keeps the beauty of the original song while adding fun little noises, like the kind of honking horn you’d expect from a clown. And yet it’s somehow reassuring? I’m telling you, these covers are addicting.

We are now at the part of the list where these songs are starting to get a bit more explicit and unsuitable for children, but whatever, there are no lyrics, my kid wouldn’t be able to understand them even if there were, and it turns out found out that The Weeknd makes incredible baby music as well as baby making music.

It’s absurd how much fun this cover is considering how little it really does. It hardly needs any of the accompanying instruments, just the xylophone melody alone does all the work.

The best song on the best Panic! At the disco album. If dancing with your child doesn’t make you enjoy singing along, then parenting might not be for you.

Side note: as the hours slip by and I lose touch with reality, every moment now feels like nine in the afternoon, so maybe this song was written for new parents.

I’ll be honest this might be the best of the Rock a faraway baby! cover albums. Every Nirvana track they remixed is just perfect, but Heart Shaped Box is the track I keep coming back to in the middle of the night. It’s slow and steady and the best pace to get your child back to sleep.

Ok, I cheated a bit, but listen to me: these songs are the first two that play every time I turn on this playlist. I absolutely view them as a package deal (like We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions).

No band on earth is better at turning their songs into lullabies than Radiohead, and I wouldn’t even consider myself one of their bigger fans. Just try not to think about what the songs are about after you’ve finished feeding your child.

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