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Promotes Arizona’s gold standard for freedom of education in a panel discussion with Jeb Bush, education leaders

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey today received a national award recognizing his pioneering contributions over the past eight years that have transformed education in Arizona.

“Arizona is proud to be a national leader in freedom of education,” Gov. Ducey said. “We are committed to putting students on the path to success and ensuring that parents remain in control of their children’s education. Now, all K-12 students in Arizona can access the education that best meets their individual needs. We want Arizona’s model to be replicated nationwide. Thank you to Governor Jeb Bush and ExcelinEd for this special honor.”

The governor received the Excellence in Education Award from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, according to a panel of experts at ExcelinEd National Education Summit Conference. Past recipients of the Excellence in Education Award include former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Success Academy’s Eva Moskowitz, and Khan Academy founder Sal Khan.

“Reg. Doug Ducey is an outstanding leader who believes in the potential of every child and has helped Arizona children achieve better educational outcomes,” said Gov. Jeb Bush, founder and chairman of ExcelinEd. “I applaud Governor Ducey for having the courage and conviction to put students first, to champion student-centric solutions, and to have a vision to transform Arizona’s educational landscape.”

Governor Bush moderated the panel of Gov. Ducey, Khan Academy’s Sal Khan and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, delving into the innovations unfolding in the nation’s fastest growing state.

The panel also discussed how Arizona’s pioneering political landscape fosters innovation with the power to transform education and lives. Khan unveiled the latest product of this innovation ecosystem: the Khan World School @ ASU Prepa groundbreaking partnership between Khan Academy and Arizona State University.

Under the leadership of Governor Ducey, Arizona became the gold standard for freedom of education. In July the governor signed the nation’s most comprehensive school choice legislation, opening educational savings accounts for every K-12 student in the state.

The scholarships have since met with tremendous demand opening to the 1.1 million students in Arizona September. Since opening, more than 30,000 applications have been submitted for universal empowerment grant accounts.

Arizona’s universal school choice is the Grand finale the state’s long history of unleashing student potential.


Arizona has strengthened its leadership in school choices for students and families, expanding programs for greater open enrollment, new transportation models, more charter schools, and more educational freedom for families. In Arizona, families can choose from district public schools, charter public schools, magnet public schools, private schools, online academies, homeschooling, and microschools.

Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant Program

The state, under the leadership of Governor Ducey, developed the Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant Program to modernize the K-12’s transportation capabilities and increase access to reliable and safe transportation for students. These solutions will strengthen opportunities for K-12 children and their families in rural communities and across the state.

Open registration

Students and families can go to the school of their choice through Arizona’s open enrollment for public school districts. The program allows families to choose a school that best suits their child, regardless of which neighborhood they call home.

charter schools

One of the first states to pioneer accrediting public charter schools, Arizona today has more than 550 charter schools serving 230,000 students—about 20 percent of all students enrolled in public schools statewide.


Governor Ducey has worked to expand microschools across the state. Microschools provide a smaller learning community tailored to the needs of each student. In October 2020, the governor announced an additional $500,000 investment in the Expansion & Innovation Fund to design and grow public small learning communities aimed at children who have not been well served by their existing school system or whose parents are preparing for one Option to leave small learning communities back to work. The following year, the governor invested $3.5 million in the creation of new microschools by the Black moms forum. The Black Mothers Forum, led by Founder Janelle Wood, helps create new, innovative learning models where students are looked after individually.

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