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Director Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women is a heartwarming drama about six pregnant women. The film questions Hindi imposition, shatters patriarchy and shows how people thrive with the right guidance, our review reads.

Chennai,UPDATED: November 18, 2022 7:42 AM IST

Director Anjali Menon's Wonder Women is streaming on SonyLIV.

Director Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women is streaming on SonyLIV.

By Janani K: Six pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy arrive at Sumana, a childbirth class run by Nandita (Nadiya Moidu). As Nora (Nithya Menen), Mini (Parvathy Thiruvothu), Veni (Padmapriya), Saya (Sayanora Philip), Gracy (Archana Padmini) and Jaya (Amruta Subhash) introduce themselves, Anjali Menon addresses the hot topic of Hindi imposition . Jaya asks Nandita to explain in Hindi since she doesn’t speak English. Soon Nora, Saya, Veni and Gracy jump in and say that this is Kerala, a south Indian state where Hindi is not common. Jaya says Hindi is our national language and adds that she doesn’t know Madrasi. If this had happened on social media, Jaya would have been destroyed by now. But that’s where Anjali Menon comes in with empathy. She doesn’t slander Jaya. Instead, she confidently calls Jaya while explaining her situation. Soon Nandita is talking about empathy and the women understand what she means. This is exactly what defines Wonder Women. It reflects reality.

Director Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women is just a film about six pregnant women learning about childbirth. It’s a film that talks about empathy, challenges patriarchy, allows people to develop without judgement, and teaches couples to be vocal. In short, Wonder Women isn’t just a movie. It’s a well-informed perspective on the issues plaguing society.

Nora, Mini, Veni, Gracy, Jaya and Saya meet in class for two weeks to discuss different aspects of pregnancy. During the course we get to know their backstories and feel into the characters. Jaya and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a long time and have failed three times. As a result of the treatment, Jaya is now pregnant. Nora is in a happy marriage, but after the pregnancy she feels that she and her husband are drifting apart. Mini is going through a divorce while Saya is cohabiting with a caring and sweet boyfriend. Gracy, who comes from a poor economy, worries about making ends meet with the new baby. Veni is accompanied by her judgmental mother-in-law and her husband is always absent.

These are women we see and hear from every day. Wonder Women makes the point of sisterhood through these six women. When they form a Whatsapp group, one of them asks why women have to give birth while lying down. A bit of research tells us that the position is comfortable for a doctor. Everyone is shocked and so are we.

Here’s the trailer:

Wonder Women is informative yet captivating. In one scene, Jaya’s husband pours out his heart and says that his wife has been through multiple treatments for a baby. He recognizes her pain and says she is his first priority. Similarly, Saya’s boyfriend is looking forward to becoming a father and calls her a goddess. Saya says she’s just a cranky and irritable woman. She also denies it because she can’t believe her boyfriend is sensitive and caring. These small parts show us the stark reality. From dealing with issues like patriarchy, divorce, and single parenthood, Wonder Women does its best to make its politically correct opinions public.

Wonder Women could easily be called a “feminist” film. But Anjali Menon makes it a point to include scenes that show that men cannot bear the blame alone. For example, Veni’s husband says that he is afraid to raise a child since it is his first time. Veni says she is there for him. The childbirth class opens a line of communication for the couple who normally stay away from such conversations.

Nithya Menen and Padmapriya are outstanding as Nora and Veni. So is Parvathy, who plays a single mother. But it was Amruta Subhash who stole the show with her extraordinary acting. Sayanora Philip, Nadiya and Archana Padmini were also perfect for their roles.

Govind Vasantha’s music suited the film and created a feel-good atmosphere. Cinematographer Manesh Madhavan and editor Praveen Prabhakar helped put together this wonderful film.

Wonder Women is a knowledgeable film that addresses several pressing issues. It’s an ode to motherhood, sisterhood, and companionship (in any form).

4 out of 5 stars for Wonder Women.

Wonder Women is streaming on SonyLIV.

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