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There are many baby monitors out there and Yogasleep, a well-known sound machine manufacturer, decided to jump into the mix. The new Ohma all-in-one baby monitor offers an HD camera, plus 20 soothing tones, two-way audio intercom and the ability to change the monitor to different colors day and night.

We tried the Ohma all-in-one baby monitor with both our baby and toddler to see how it compared to other video baby monitors.

What makes the Ohma all-in-one baby monitor different?

A yoga sleep ohma moving through all night light colors.

Credit: Verified / Tim Renzi

The Yogasleep Ohma is a sound machine, night light and baby monitor all in one.

The Yogasleep Ohma is essentially a video baby monitor and white noise machine in one. Like many traditional video baby monitors, Ohma’s monitor tracks a baby’s movement and sounds, it also has temperature sensors and humidity sensors, but also offers 20 different sounds that can help lull your baby to sleep.

what we like

It’s great for toddlers

The Ohma baby monitor ended up working almost perfectly for our toddler who recently switched from his crib to a big kid bed. The monitor allowed us to watch his hilarious antics, and thanks to the built-in two-way audio intercom, we were able to speak to him through the microphone and remind him to get back to bed and sleep.

It’s multifunctional

We also liked the colored night lights feature; We turned the monitor on red during the night and then switched it to green when it was time for him to get out of bed – eliminating the need to buy a separate “OK to wake” clock.

There are many sound options

The top of the Yogasleep Ohma with four buttons for sound and light control

Credit: Verified / Tim Renzi

The Ohma has a wide range of built-in sounds.

There are 20 different sound options, including jungle sounds and plain white noise, as well as the dohm fan sound that Yogasleep is known for. All tones can be set from your smartphone, and you can set the tones to turn on and off at specific times. However, it’s worth noting that we couldn’t switch the app from Eastern to Pacific time and once accidentally woke our child up at 4am to loud bird sounds and a flashing purple light. (Learn from us and make sure to turn off the default settings before using this monitor for the first time!)

The app works with multiple monitors

A Yogasleep Ohma baby monitor next to a phone with a screen showing the companion app.

Credit: Verified / Tim Renzi

The companion app can be used with more than one Ohma monitor.

The Ohma app can be connected to up to four monitors throughout the home. If you want to keep an eye on multiple children at the same time, you can easily do so by simply switching between monitor views.

What we don’t like

It’s not great for babies

Unlike most traditional baby monitors, the Ohma cannot be wall or crib mounted, meaning the view of the crib – and your baby – is from the side, not the top. This is not an ideal angle for observing an infant as it does not provide an overall view of what is going on throughout the crib. A monitor that’s wall-mountable and includes a wide-angle lens offers a fuller view of baby’s cradle—and gives parents peace of mind.

The sound machine is too loud

While the idea of ​​a sound machine and baby monitor in one gadget seems brilliant, in reality it became problematic. Turns out we couldn’t hear the baby’s cries because turning on the sound machine dulls the hearing function and makes it unusable.

The security features are extensive, but annoying

A close-up of the camera on the Yogasleep Ohma.

Credit: Verified / Tim Renzi

The Yogasleep Ohma needs a WiFi connection to work – which means you won’t be able to see your baby when you’re out.

The Ohma connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, but that means if your Wi-Fi is slow, the camera will be slow too. You’ll also need 2.4GHz WiFi as 5G isn’t currently supported.

For security reasons, you can check the monitor from your phone only if you are on the same Wi-Fi network at home. That means you can’t view your baby in real-time from anywhere – say, while she’s eating or at work – like some other monitors on the market.

It’s still being refined

We tried two versions during the trial period: the first had login issues and sometimes kicked us out of the app for no reason. About 50% of the time there was a lag when trying to see our toddler’s room from the camera. But the second version fixed all those issues, allowing for fast logins and clear video.

Should You Buy the Yogasleep Ohma All-in-One Monitor?

Maybe, but not if you have a child

Overall we liked the Ohma, especially with the new changes that have been made to simplify the sign-up process. Most Wi-Fi enabled monitors rely on a fast connection to perform well and the Ohma is no exception.

While we missed being able to eavesdrop on our kids at night due to the overwhelming background noise from the sound machine, it’s a great option if you have a toddler who needs supervision. The Ohma baby monitor is especially ideal if you have a child who is transitioning into a large crib and needs color coded help to understand when it really is time to get up.

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