Bee Cave Librarian: Celebrate the Holidays with Merry Making Saturday on December 3 – Austin American-Statesman | Wonder Mind Kids

Barbara D Hathaway

The Bee Cave Public Library is hosting its merry annual Merry Making Saturday event on December 3rd from 2pm to 4pm. This year we’re celebrating “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with readings from the classic Dr. Seuss story and much more of Grinchy fun. Visit Whoville at the library and look out for a certain town manager who has a special appearance as the Grinch. We have live music from Strawbitty Yops, a fun local band with music for kids and their adults, and all kinds of fun crafts.

After the library event, grab a bite to eat or do some Christmas shopping at the Hill Country Galleria. Stay at the rink for a 5:30pm figure skating demonstration before Mayor Kara King and the Grinch light the annual Christmas tree. All Whos in Whoville are welcome.

Barbara Hathaway

programs for adults

Join us on December 7th at 1pm for What’s New Wednesday to learn about Asian herbal and spice teas with local life coach and artist Surapsari. She will introduce us to tea preparation in different Asian cultures. Participants create their own herbal tea blend and taste it during the free hour-long class. In January, What’s New Wednesday features performance and express artist Aron Taylor in a parody of police forensics. In his role as an officer, Taylor will attempt to discover the culprit of a dastardly act by questioning the audience to create a composite sketch of the suspect. Who will it be?

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