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Just Love Coffee Cafe celebrates the Founders' Mission on National Adoption Day on November 19th
After adding two adopted children to their family in 2009, Rob and Emily Webb founded Just Love Coffee Cafe to help meet the exorbitant adoption costs for families around the world.

The fast-growing franchise brand supports adoptive and foster families nationwide

Just Love Coffee Cafe celebrates the Founders' Mission on National Adoption Day on November 19thBrentwood, Tennessee (Restaurantnews.com) Adoption can be a long, heartbreaking and costly process for many couples, and Rob and Emily Webb experienced the struggles firsthand when they adopted two children from Ethiopia in 2009. It was on a long flight to Ethiopia when Rob had an epiphany that motivated him to help others who were facing the same obstacles. He and his wife, Emily, decided to turn their Nashville hand-roasted coffee business into a for-profit business that would help defray adoption costs for other couples and make a difference in the world. With this simple concept, Just Love Coffee Roasters was founded 13 years ago with the mantra “Eat, Drink, and Love”.

“I could see there was a market for hand roasted coffee, but I never dreamed that Just Love Coffee Roasters would be more than a small business helping families raise funds to defray the expensive cost of the to balance child adoption,” Webb said.

The concept of a neighborhood coffee shop that serves craft roasted specialty coffees as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner was a success, realizing the couple’s dream of growing from a small business to a franchise with more than 30 locations nationwide in 2022. Best Known For its craft, fair trade and organic coffees, craft drinks, waffles, and a full-service menu, Just Love Coffee reported that it has doubled its franchised units since opening three stores in 2018. The brand solidified its presence in Tennessee with 10 locations, but has since expanded across the US with franchise openings in Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Minnesota. Throughout the expansion period, the founders’ vision of spreading love and donating generously to various charities and organizations has never wavered.

“Just Love Coffee remains committed to supporting adoptive and foster families in need,” said Kevin Bauerle, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Over the years, our founders and franchisees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to support families who need help with the adoption process, as well as many other charities. Best of all, our customers appreciate our spirit of giving and do their part by buying our Cause Coffees online and in our coffee shops.”

Just Love Coffee Cafe celebrates the Founders' Mission on National Adoption Day on November 19th
Freshly hand roasted in small batches, Roots of Love can be purchased online at www.justlovecoffee.com or nationwide at Just Love Coffee coffee shops. As one of the brand’s popular “Cause Coffees,” Roots of Love supports foster and adoptive families around the world.

Hugely popular with customers, the brand’s “Cause Coffees” include a Lifesaver blend that supports first responders, Roots of Love, which supports foster and adoptive families, Serve Strong, which supports the armed forces and their families, Essential Blend, which supports those working in the healthcare and their families; and Spectrum Blend, which supports people with developmental disabilities and their families. Recently, the brand launched a new partnership with the American Cancer Society called Ground for Hope, marking the seventh Cause Coffee.

Bauerle added that each Just Love Coffee location gives back to the communities it serves by offering special events, fundraisers, concerts and more to ensure brands are connected with their customers.

“Just Love Coffee has developed a welcoming and welcoming culture,” noted Bauerle. “Our cafes have a relaxed atmosphere, so customers can drop by any time of the day or night to meet up with friends, catch up on work or grab a meal. It doesn’t matter if you visit one of our cafes in a big city or a small town, you can enjoy a fun experience and generous hospitality.”

Just Love Coffee is on track to open a total of 40 locations by the end of the first quarter of next year. For more information visit www.justlovecoffeefranchise.com.

About Just Love Coffee

Founded in 2009 by current CEO Rob Webb and his wife Emily, the company’s Eat, Drink and Love mantra was born out of a need to make the world a better place. Serving only fair trade, organic or direct trade coffee, the brand has been named a finalist for Roaster of the Year by three times Roast Magazine. For more information visit www.justlovecoffee.com.

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