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Siblings, who saved the life of their two-year-old brother after he disappeared only to be discovered upside down in a 4ft deep hole full of muddy water, were among the recipients of the National Bravery Awards in Dublin this afternoon.

On February 11, 2020, toddler Daniel Bourke was discovered in the hole by his then nine-year-old brother Micheál.

The extent of the hole had been hidden due to heavy snowfall in the area. Micheál tried to pull Daniel out of the water, but his soaked clothes pulled the child down.

Her sister Katie Butler Haughney (14) managed to pull Daniel out. Blue and lifeless, he was carried indoors, where his mother began giving compressions.

After about 20 minutes of CPR, Daniel started breathing again and color returned to his face. He was taken to Limerick Regional Hospital by helicopter. Fortunately, he made a full recovery. The siblings received medals for their heroic deeds that day.

Other recipients include gold medalist Kevin Barr who rescued a woman from Lough Foyle, Co Donegal on the evening of August 20, 2020 as Storm Ellen brought very high winds and heavy rain across the country.

At around 10 p.m., a car went off the road and crashed into the water at Quigley’s Point. A member of the Greencastle Coast Guard Unit, Kevin Barr, was quick to the scene.

Mr Barr spotted a woman on the underside of the vehicle who had rolled over and landed on the roof. She threatened to be washed off the car.

Barr held the woman until paramedics arrived and took her to safety. Tragically, her husband and two children were also in the car and their bodies were later recovered.

Silver medalist Miley Doran saved a woman and her daughter, 13, from drowning in the River Barrow in Co Carlow in May 2021. Mr. Doran (17), who was fishing nearby, dove into the water and first saved the young girl by dragging her to the bank. Then he turned to save her mother.

Mr. Doran then put his sweater back on, gathered his fishing gear and left without seeking praise.

Other silver medalists included Michael Downes, Liam Halpin, Stephen Ryan and Rosaleen Feeney.

Mr Downes rescued a boy from the sea in July 1974 at Old Head, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo. He still bears the scars from the rescue.

Stephen Ryan rescued three women from the sea on the north beach at Greystones, Co. Wicklow, in April this year. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, one of the women was pronounced dead. However, without his courageous intervention, the death toll would have been higher.

Mr Halpin rescued a woman from the sea at Doonbeg in Co Clare in August 2020. Ms Feeney rescued an elderly man from a burning home in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo in May 2021.

Other recipients include Michael Nallon, who was working in Ballinafad in Co Mayo when his colleague fell ill and had to be rescued from an overturned excavator in August 2020.

The man slumped over the controls of the machine, which then spun a few times and dove into the water.

Mr Nallon climbed into the cabin in the water and stayed on the plane for an hour to keep his colleague’s head above the water until emergency services arrived. Mr. Nallon received a bronze medal.

Other recipients include John Colfer, who stepped in after seeing a gang of youths attack a member of An Garda Síochána. Mr. Colfer received a bronze medal.

Meanwhile, Lee Conlon, Gda James Keegan and Gda Colin Kyne-Delaney received bronze medals after rescuing a man from the River Liffey at Dublin’s Eden Quay in March 2020.

Gda Kieran Donovan was awarded a bronze medal for rescuing a man at a highway bridge in July 2018. Gda Brendan Crawford and Gda Ciaran Murray received a bronze medal for rescuing a woman from the Camac River in June 2020.

Gda Murray, from Ballyfermot Garda Station, told RTE News at One he went into the water to look for the woman. .

“We couldn’t see them. It was extreme darkness. But she screamed for her life. Luckily we were there within two minutes and all you had to do was react,” he said.

“We jumped in and wrapped the rope around us and took it from there. We could hear her screaming. She said she “didn’t want to die.” We tried to calm her down as we slowly walked down the tunnel.

“When we got to her, she was trying to save her dog. I gave Brendan Millie (the dog) and I grabbed Ann (the woman) and picked her up and we both got her to safety and luckily she was fine from then on.”

Garda Murray said the rescue was a case of “fight or flight”.

“Everything went out the window. You just have to react. They take off the heavy equipment. Your PPE and body armor. You have to deal with what you have.”

Recipients received their medals from Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl. The winners came from counties Carlow, Clare, Donegal, Dublin, Mayo and Wicklow.

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