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Christmas music fills the air almost everywhere these days, a sure sign that all those festive winter celebrations are just around the corner. But despite the magic and merriment of the season, it can get overwhelming when you’re planning a series of holiday gatherings. From the office party and cross-generational family activities to December birthdays and cocktail nights, what can a stressed-out hostess do?

Holiday planners, rejoice! Muddy’s Bake Shop makes our job a little easier. Muddy’s private on-site parties combine fun hands-on activities, lots of social time and (best of all) no set up and tear down.

This season, leave the planning of the holiday party to Muddy’s Bake Shop.

The party begins with a cake decorating demonstration by a Muddy’s hostess who will be on hand to offer advice and assistance throughout the event. Up to eight guests gather and watch a simple 6-inch cake become a holiday-themed masterpiece. It’s almost too pretty to eat, but don’t worry, the cake will be cut and served to guests! “It’s a great way to start the night,” says Kat Gordon, owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop. “It gives everyone a chance to lighten up, and latecomers don’t feel like they’re missing out.” As a party planner, you can choose from any of Muddy’s signature cake flavors, including seasonal favorites Reindeer Bundt Cake and Santa Baby Cake.

Next comes the main event: guests decorate their very own baked treats—four cupcakes and four shortbread biscuits each. The event is less educational than a cooking class, without baking. Since guests don’t have to worry about measurements and hot stoves, idle chatter and conviviality are encouraged. The focus is on having fun with friends, family or colleagues.

Close up of decorated Christmas cookies

During the party, guests can decorate both shortbread cookies and cupcakes. Delicious!

Each person has a station with all the supplies needed to make your treats spectacular, and Kat tells us that the various pastry bag tips have proven very popular in the past. “We have four different tips that you can combine to create all kinds of designs,” she says. “You also have a ridiculous amount of sprinkles. People get so giggly when they have fun with the decorations! We’re having a blast.” You can eat what you make at the party, but most people like to take their treats home to share. Of course, if you keep them to yourself, it’s our little secret!

Tray of butter cookies, cupcakes, icing and sprinkles.

Each station has all the necessary decorative items ready including piping bags, piping tips and of course lots of sprinkles!

How did the Holiday Party Packages come about, you ask? Last year Muddy’s threw a couple of parties at their then new Broad Avenue location and the team realized it was a great idea. “We’ve been working to figure out what makes a package like this easier for hosts,” explains Kat. “We wanted to eliminate all of the millions of details that go into planning a holiday event. Now all you have to do is pick a date and figure out who to invite.”

Classroom at Muddy's Bake Shop

Holiday Party Packages take place in Muddy’s on-site classroom.

Kat thanks her “sidekick” Kirby Rogers, a member of the Muddy’s team for seven years, for the final concept. Kirby is the main contact for the Holiday Party Package and contacts the party planner to confirm all the details.

Also included in the package is an embroidered apron – and how you present that apron is another source of fun. Kat says she was called to judge decorating contests Great British Baking Showstyle, with the winner receiving the apron. Other times it’s an easy choice – after all, Muddy’s books many December birthday parties, and the apron makes a wonderful souvenir for the birthday boy or girl.

A chocolate cake, Muddy's Bake Shop apron, cookies, cupcakes, icing and sprinkles

One lucky attendee at your party will receive an embroidered Muddy’s apron!

For more details – or to book your own holiday party package with Muddy’s – visit the website!

All photos courtesy of Muddy’s Bake Shop


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