The community still gathers around ‘Baby Slade,’ now a toddler with autism and multiple health issues – Citrus County Chronicle | Wonder Mind Kids

On Monday morning, Tracy Valdez sat by her phone waiting to hear from her son’s neurologist.

Her two-and-a-half-year-old son Slade had several seizures over the weekend.

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In 2020, the Valdez family needed a reliable van to transport their premature baby Slade…

baby slade

Two-year-old Slade Valdez holds hands with his physiotherapist as he bounces on a small trampoline at his home in Holder on Wednesday, October 19. The act of jumping offers therapeutic value as the specialist believes it offers the child a way to “regulate themselves”.

Community rallies with repairs and renovations

baby slade

Tracy Valdez talks about her son Slade on a Wednesday afternoon. The child lives with autism and other health conditions that require special care.

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baby slade

Slade Valdez holds the hand of his physiotherapist while watching television in the living room of his home in Holder on Wednesday, October 19. The child needs specialized care from specialists in autism and other health problems.

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