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“Cleanliness is half the life.” We’ve probably all heard this phrase at some point in our lives. There’s also a chance that as parents, we tend to incorporate this adage into the way we raise our children. There is undoubtedly a certain amount of wisdom in that. but breeze is here to remind us that getting dirty isn’t always a bad thing. Getting dirty can even be a sign that your child has achieved something good; that they have learned a thing or two and devoted themselves to the task at hand.

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Now that our children are returning to face-to-face teaching, there are many opportunities for them to discover new things – whether in the classroom or after school; rain or shine. There are also many opportunities for them to get dirty. Breeze says leave her! Sige sa mantsa!

When “dirty” is good

Let’s get this straight: while health and hygiene are definitely important, allowing your child to get dirty also has its benefits. Countless studies have shown that exposure to germs and microbial ecosystems begins in childhood can actually help strengthen a child develop immune system, resulting in lifelong health benefits. Leading microbiologists warn parents against “over-sterilizing” their surroundings, something that might seem counterintuitive to most of us, especially these days. But while we must protect our children, mindful balance is also necessary for overall health.

In addition, active play and hands-on activities engage your child’s senses and promote their intellectual, emotional and physical development. You enable your child to train and burn extra energy, to socialize outside of the classroom and to develop their talents. Finally, classroom learning, while essential, is simply not enough to help your child reach their full potential.

Beyond the classroom

So you see the benefits of engaging your child in extracurricular activities, but the dilemma now is: in a sea of ​​things to do, which activities are right for your child? There are a few boxes to tick when choosing an extracurricular activity. First, consider your child’s temperament and interests and go from there. Second, review the logistics and find out if the activity is sustainable for both you and your child. Some questions you might want to ask yourself are: Is it cost effective? Easy to reach? Close enough to school and your home? You might also want to check what’s available on campus; Many schools have great after class programs. Third, narrow down the options. Be careful to avoid the “burn-out” trap – in yours Enthusiasm to involve your child in extracurricular programs, you may end up enrolling them too many Activities. This is impractical and detrimental for many reasons—not the least of which is that your child may become overly tired and frustrated, negating the real self-improvement benefits these activities are designed to provide.

Once you’ve narrowed down the options, check out the top activities for kids: music classes, dance classes, sports and martial arts programs, arts and crafts workshops, book clubs, and more. Most parents choose these time-tested after-school programs for their children because they have proven to be engaging, fun, and exciting activities for a wide range of ages.

Don’t forget the more unique out-of-the-box activities, too. Try enrolling your child in a beginner pottery class. It might be a messy affair but will surely spark their creative flair! Does your child like roleplay or costume play at home? Consider meeting up with an acting club or theater workshop. Maybe your child likes to make their own videos on TikTok or YouTube? Then he or she would certainly appreciate being part of a content creating or multimedia arts group where they can hone their skills in creating their own home videos, vlogs and the like. Is your son or daughter a nature lover? Try taking them to a garden club where they will not only satisfy their longing for nature but also learn more about protecting their environment.

The possibilities are indeed countless when choosing an activity or program for your child. There is something for every age, temperament, inclination and budget.

Stubborn stains, gone!

children breeze

But let’s be honest: these activities end up leaving a mark not only on the hearts and minds of your children, but also on their clothes – especially if the activity takes place outside during the rainy season. Sure, stains can be a huge hassle for the moms and dads (and yayas!) in charge of removing them. Here’s a heavy-duty stain-busting cleaning product like Breeze Power Machine liquid detergent come in.

Because it’s specifically designed for top-loading washing machines, Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent eliminates the time- and energy-consuming “kuskos and kusot” normally associated with stain removal. Its advanced formulation quickly dissolves in water and effectively penetrates fabrics to remove even the most stubborn stains. It is safe for all types of clothing and colors and washes clean leaving your clothes and washing machine free of detergent residue. Stubborn stains are gone in just one wash.

You read that right; Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent removes stubborn stains in one wash! Experts owe that to the “golden trio” of stain removal: surfactants, which remove oil and dirt from clothing; dirt remover to remove stubborn dirt and lighten fabrics; and enzymes that break down stains into smaller molecules. These powerful ingredients ensure clean and crisp laundry and keep clothes smelling fresh all day long.

The best from both worlds

Now you know: With Breeze, you CAN have the best of both worlds. You can have the cleanliness you crave (and you don’t have to work too hard to get it), and you can support your child’s holistic, multidisciplinary development—without fear of dirt. Breeze Power Machine liquid detergent is available in large supermarkets and online, also for your convenience. Add it to your shopping list today. Sige sa mantsa, kasi no problem sa labada! BrandRoom/AD

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