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Summer is coming which means the kids are off school and looking for a variety of fun activities to keep them busy! It can be a tall order to keep busy during all those long summer hours, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and exciting season. Crafts are perfect for indoor play on those super hot days and also great for spending time outside on the porch or in the garden.

Here are 30 of our favorite summer art activities to keep your elementary school students entertained during the hotter months.

The 30 best elementary school art activities

1. Soda Straw Weaving

This is a summer art activity that uses small materials and lots of creativity. You can build a working loom out of plastic straws and then weave them away with whatever yarn or twine you have lying around. It’s a great way to use up leftover materials from the school year!

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2. Little Monster Bookmarks

This is a work of art that is also very practical in the home. These adorable monsters look like they’re going to eat the pages of your books, but they’re really just holding your place! You can also make these as a summery Father’s Day gift.

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3. Marker bleeding painting

This summertime art project focuses on the works of Van Gogh and his original style of painting. Kids can recreate the style of his famous “Sunflowers” using markers and thick paper. It’s a wonderful craft that also combines art history with these gorgeous summer colors.

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4. Toilet paper wristbands

This awesome summer craft results in a cute wearable bracelet. Also, toilet paper rolls are put to great use, so it’s a great way to upcycle and talk to kids about the importance of reusing and recycling to save the planet.

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5. Clay pots

This is one of the top items on the list of summer crafts! There are tons of ways kids can make clay pots: creativity is the key! Here are some ideas to help you unleash your creativity.

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6. Fish of the deep sea

These summer art ideas relate to the creatures of the deep. You won’t see them on your beach visits, but they are a fascinating part of the sea. It’s a fun way to learn about the funny and spooky creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean.

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7. Pictures with blowing straws

This is a new way to create classic painting projects. Draw a face first, but leave the hair space empty. Then dilute some color and blow it into the area of ​​the hair with a plastic straw. The result is a wavy, textured and colorful head full of creative hair! Try to think of other great ways to use this painting method throughout the summer.

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8. Ice Cream Batter

This is the recipe for batter that looks and smells like real ice cream! But even if it comes in ice cream cones, you shouldn’t eat it. Instead, kids can spend hours playing with the dough and coming up with lots of ideas and uses for this stretchy and flexible toy.

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9. Rainbow Oofleck

Here’s a colorful art project that results in a super colorful slime that you can make using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It’s a great indoor activity for those super hot summer days, and it’s also a fun way to teach color combinations.

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10. Holiday Inspo Collage

Let your kids create collages about the summer holidays using lots of different mediums and lots of creativity. Their collages can represent a dream vacation, or they can be a summary of places they have traveled to and enjoyed. The sky is the limit with this project!

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11. Beautiful paper flowers

All you need for a beautiful summer bouquet is tissue paper and pipe cleaners. This craft is great for younger kids, and it’s also a fun way to explore the transition between 2D and 3D media. It’s a great way to encourage motor skills even in young children.

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12. Beach Treasures Photo Frame

You can make this picture frame with the shells and other little treasures your child collects when they go to the beach. It will add a lovely summer vibe to your interior design and is a piece your kids can be really proud of. Plus, it’s a special reminder of your summer beach vacation.

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13. Funny flower crowns

Wreaths of flowers are one of the classic summer projects. The flower princesses and princes of summer are a fun-loving bunch, and these floral wreaths are the perfect accessory to accompany their adventures! You can make them with any wildflowers that grow in your area.

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14. Mosaic Flower Pots

These mosaic flower pots are ideal for green-fingered children. You can plant a summer herb garden or some pretty flowers in these colorful flower pots. They also make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day at the beginning of summer and Father’s Day in the middle of summer.

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15. Homemade beeswax candles

This is a project that will leave you with some handy candles. It’s a great craft for summer camp or a family camping trip as wax dipping can get a little messy!

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16. Easy Stained Glass Project

With some wax paper and some washable finger paint, your kids can create beautiful stained glass art. You can hang this in the window to catch the rays of the summer sun. It’s a perfect way to bring some of that beautiful sunshine indoors!

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17. Weaving paper plate circles

This craft turns a simple paper plate into the perfect loom. Children can use different colors, weights and textures of yarn to create beautiful woven creations. You can even work these little circles into a larger collaborative piece of art!

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18. Soda bottle planters

This project focuses on recycling and upcycling. It’s a great project to teach kids about the importance of the environment and how we can protect the planet. The end result is also a super cute, smiling planter in which to grow flowers, herbs, or other summer gifts.

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19. Paper mache cats

A balloon and some papier-mâché form the basis of this craft. Then some color and creativity bring these chubby cuties to life. You can give the cat any breed or color you want, and a whole lot of cats is easy to whip up in just one afternoon.

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20. Build a tent indoors

When the summer storms roll in, you can curl up in this indoor tent. It’s great for families who don’t have the option of camping outside, and it brings a whole new level of fun right into your living room. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to movie nights and game nights during the summer months.

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21. Terrarium in a jar

This is a project perfect for budding biologists and ecologists. Thanks to a balanced plant and animal life, you can grow an entire ecosystem in one jar. The two keep the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon levels even for the plants and small animals to thrive in a jar.

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22. Black jellyfish

This project focuses on contrast by using black glue to create defined lines. Kids can make limp jellyfish that swim through the ocean. It’s a great art project for families who have been or will be visiting the beach for their summer vacation.

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23. Superhero self-portraits

Your kids can imagine themselves as the hero within! Encourage children to think about their strengths and how they can express themselves visually. Then give the kids space and direction to draw themselves as superheroes. This is a great way to encourage kids to use their strengths to help others.

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24. Large cardboard birds

The name says it all: This is a project that makes big birds out of old cardboard boxes. With paint and other mediums, there are so many different patterns and colors that can help your learners bring their birds to life!

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25. Cats with Laurel Burch

This activity lets kids discover artist Laurel Burch’s unique style. You will use new techniques and color schemes to make cute and creative cats. It’s a great way to teach color mixing and matching, and it’s perfect for throwing some contemporary art lessons into the mix.

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26. Colorful name art

Start by writing your child’s name in capital letters. Then give them crayons, crayons, markers, paint, and any other media you might have on hand. Your kids will get creative to decorate their name; Then you can hang it on her door or in her bedroom for a customized decoration!

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27. Circle Collage

The theme of this project is all about. See what circles you can find around the house: paper plates and bowls, toilet paper tubes, or anything else that can be upcycled into this project. Then, using bold colors and creative placement, create an abstract collage with your elementary school student.

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28. Instructions for drawing fox

This drawing tutorial is aimed specifically at elementary school children. It is a step by step flow to teach your little kid how to draw an adorable fox. There are also variations that your kids can try as they grow in their drawing skills.

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29. Build a 3D whale

This project takes a 2D print and turns it into a 3D whale. The end result is super cute, and since the pattern and instructions are already on one page, kids can make it pretty much on their own. A perfect summer afternoon!

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30. Donut Sculptures

Children can learn a lot about pop art with these fun sculptures. They are based on various contemporary trends and your child can decorate the donut however they like. The goal is a pop-inspired, almost realistic donut.

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