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Hollie tells other moms, “You can do this”

Hollie with son Owen/Lisa Bourne

The Pregnancy Assistance Center in Greeneville, Tennessee that served Hollie and her son Owen completely changed their lives for the better. And she encourages moms who are facing unplanned pregnancy issues to seek pregnancy assistance because these centers go with moms and provide life-changing support.

“It changed everything for us,” Hollie said of the Hope Center. “It showed us that it’s okay and that we can do it.”

“And they’re here for absolutely every single person,” she said.

“No matter what path you’re on, no matter where you are in your life or your child – whether it’s a new baby or one growing inside you – they are absolutely there for you every step of the way. Any question, anything you need, they are here to help with anything and everything.”

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Lisa Bourne

Hollie found them center of hope when she needed them most, she said, because she was going through a divorce that was still ongoing.

“And I didn’t know what to do and I needed help,” she said Pregnancy Assistance News. “So I came here (to the center) and they helped me with everything.”

This ranged from diapers and clothing to her spiritual journey. The Hope Center helped Hollie learn how to parent, how to breastfeed, how to manage what she has to do in her personal life, including moving home to her parents and raising her son in this scenario, and as he grew, even like moving him from sleeping in his bassinet to his cot.

“So they had so many different tips and knowledge and stories that they were willing to help me with,” she said. “When he was teething – How do I deal with teething? How Do I Keep My Temper When He Cries Incessantly? And they had so many tricks and tips to help you master the things you never thought you would need to confront.”

Hollie had her own mentor at the center who gave her personal support. After beginning her classes at the center, she began incorporating Bible study as often as she could.

“God was never a big part of my life,” she said, “but I saw how He interacted and worked in the lives of the women here and what they were trying to do for me.”

Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Hollie pushed through to choose life for her son and, as a single mother, to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

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Ashley Bratcher, Hollie and Owen/Lisa Bourne

She recently became the fifth mother to receive the Unplanned Movie granta collaboration between actress Ashley Bratcher and Heartbeat International, the world’s largest pregnancy support network.

“I want to be a nurse to help people when the unplanned happens in life and use my compassion for others to help them in their time of need,” Hollie wrote in her application for the scholarship.

Bratcher praised Hollie for making “really brave decisions and choosing life.”

She knows about unplanned events that change life forever because she is one of the survivors of the shooting at the cinema in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. After this tragedy she decided to live her life to honor the others who died lost her life that day.

Owen’s birth in January 2021 brought her the greatest happiness in life, she said.

Immediately thereafter, however, she and her husband faced major unforeseen challenges, including an unexpected cut in his military disability benefits that resulted in the loss of their home and a move, a colicky newborn, and heightened post-traumatic stress disorder that was more than their marriage could handle could.

“I never thought I would raise my son alone,” Hollie said. “Luckily I found the Hope Center.”

Bratcher, Hollie, Owen and Hollie’s mentor Linda/Lisa Bourne

The Hope Center went with her and stays by her side.

“Hollie is a survivor, and one who defies the odds that come into her life,” said Linda Crank, executive director of the Hope Center. “She is an outstanding mother who provides love and a stable environment for her son Owen as a single parent.”

Hollie admits that single parenting isn’t easy, especially when you’re in an accelerated degree program. But she insists it’s all worth it, and she’s received confirmation that she’s on the right track.

“Nothing is easy,” she said. “Nothing is ever easy. And the harder you work for it, the more you appreciate it in the end.”

Hollie had previously worked as a certified nursing assistant while focusing on nursing. This gave her experience and security as a student and she has proven herself in dealing with patients. And as a non-traditional student, she brings maturity to her training and has demonstrated natural leadership in the clinical setting.

“When I walked into my first clinic, I was nervous, but I knew I could do it,” she said Pregnancy Assistance News.

Hollie recognizes that through her positive and compassionate interactions with patients and her leadership role toward younger students, she is Christ to others, and she is able to see the Lord at work in this way of having Him on her side.

“He knew where I needed to be,” Hollie said.

Owen, who turns two in January, remains her constant inspiration, and it shows in poignant ways.

“Owen can walk into a room and you can have the worst day ever and he can just put the biggest smile on your face,” Hollie said.

“Or he’ll run into that room and say ‘Mom’ and it just melts you away no matter how tough your day is, no matter how tired you are,” she added.

Owen often helps Hollie study

She said she got up with Owen three times the night before and felt exhausted from studying.

“But just having that ‘mommy’ and that smile with his dimples and the sparkle in his eyes because he’s always happy to see you,” she said.

Owen is present there with her even while Hollie is attending Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee and he is back home in child care during her high school days.

“Whenever I sit down for an exam and open my exam book, you can write anything you want in your exam book,” she said. “So I write at the top of my test booklet, ‘You can do it mommy. Love, Owen’ or something like that.”

Hollie encourages other moms not to give up hope, no matter how heavy their burden.

“When you’re tired and think you can’t take it anymore, you can finally put them down for the night knowing they’re in a safe place,” Hollie said. “You look at her and you’re like, ‘I made it. i did it today I’ll do it tomorrow and I’ll be fine.

“Just know that you can do it no matter how hard it is, no matter how tired you are, or how stressed, or how much you cry that day,” Hollie continued.

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“I was there, I got in the shower and I cried,” she said. “But I know I did my best at the end of the day. And that little baby right there – no matter how hard he cries, no matter how hard he is throughout the day, you know that you can make it through and that you can take care of this child. Because they deserve the world and you are the one who will give them this world.”

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