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Chinese New Year is the most anticipated time of celebration on the Asian calendar, so why not introduce it to preschool? You don’t necessarily have to celebrate the holiday to introduce children to it, either. Embracing the traditions of another culture can be a valuable and enriching period of learning for young people. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to dragon masks or lantern crafts either! Check out these creative preschool activities that focus on celebrating the Chinese New Year to ensure a fun holiday season this year.

1. Chinese New Year Yoga

Yoga is always a fun way to introduce different topics into the preschool environment. There are yoga poses associated with the zodiac signs that would make a great way to start the day during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Poses like Downward Dog, Cobbler, and Cobra are easy for kids to do and help them start their day relaxed.

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2. Dragon Twirler paper plates

The time around the Chinese New Year will no doubt be filled with tons of kite art activities. Keep it fresh with some fun variations like this creative paper plate version that can be hung from the ceiling to decorate the classroom.

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3. Fire breathing dragon craft

These are fun kite crafts for preschool to get kids in the mood. They’ll jump for joy as they watch their creations “spit fire” as they blow through the toilet paper tube.

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4. Paper Plate Dragon Doll

This is an easy activity for kids and will train their fine motor skills as they cut, fold and glue all the pieces together. The Chinese dragon puppet is a fun craft that can perform an enchanting dragon dance.

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5. Chinese paper plate drum

Nothing spells Chinese New Year like rhythmic music from a Chinese drum. This drum craft seems easy, but kids can have fun decorating their instrument, and everyone can team up to make music once it’s done.

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6. Paper Lanterns

It’s not really Chinese New Year unless there’s a Chinese lantern or 10 hanging around. This colorful craft is easy enough for most preschoolers, but cutting on the dotted line takes a lot of concentration.

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7. Scoring cards with red envelopes

Red envelopes or hong bao are an important part of Chinese New Year traditions. These cute printable envelopes make a great hands-on math activity. Children count the coins in their envelopes and place a clothespin on the correct number on each card.

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8. Sandbox writing

Teaching children a few Mandarin words or numbers goes a long way in fostering respect for the language. Use a sandbox to get kids practicing a few signs associated with New Year’s celebrations.

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9. Chinese New Year Sensory Container

This is an activity for toddlers and preschoolers alike. Let them explore some Chinese icons like coins, chopsticks, panda toys, candies and decorations in a festive sensory container.

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10. Learn songs and rhymes

Songs and rhymes are always a great way to connect preschool themes. Check out this fun list of songs to teach kids during the festive season. Kids can sing these songs while making their Chinese kite crafts, or let their dancing kites hop around to the beat of the music.

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11. Read a book

Ruby’s Chinese New Year is one of the most popular books on the subject. Provide children with as much reading material as possible and let them find their favorite Chinese New Year book.

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12. Fireworks painting

Fireworks paintings are the perfect preschool activity to commemorate the holiday celebration. Lay out traditional Chinese colors like red, green and yellow and use cut up toilet paper rolls to create beautiful fireworks.

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13. Chinese New Year Bingo

Bingo cards can be a fun introduction to Chinese culture around the New Year. These free printables make for awesome Chinese zodiac activities, and you can use fortune cookies as bingo markers for a tasty activity idea.

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14. Zodiac Animal Match Up

You can also opt for an animal matching activity to introduce the different signs of the zodiac. Matching activities for toddlers can also be turned into a memory match game for slightly older kids.

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15. Chopsticks Motor Skills

Replace Chinese dumplings with cotton balls to engage kids in their fine motor skills and pincer grip. These activities for kids are great for counting activities or impromptu races for classroom fun.

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16. Chinese New Year memory game

Another reliable way to introduce preschool themes like Chinese New Year is with a handy pack of memory cards. For a fun introduction to the culture surrounding this holy holiday, print out these memory cards and see how many items kids can remember on each card.

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17. Hidden Pictures Worksheet

Hidden picture worksheets are ideal activities for toddlers as they can focus on coloring in all the little details while they look for some hidden pictures. These free printables feature all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac taking part in all kinds of New Year celebrations.

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18. Chinese Numbers Lego

This is another easy introduction to Chinese culture, and you probably already have all the supplies! Children can create Mandarin numbers with Lego bricks and gain valuable insight into the beauty of the language.

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19. Zodiac Reading Activity

This is another clever twist on an animal-matching activity using characters from the Chinese calendar. Print out the animal names with the Chinese pronunciation and let kids match their animal toys to the correct word.

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20. Chinese New Year Addition Puzzle

This math activity uses pictures to help kids practice adding and counting. Educational activities should be extra fun and colorful at this time of cultural celebrations, so swap out boring counting cards for this Chinese-specific activity.

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