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Harcourts Low and Co opened this month under the direction of Director and Auctioneer Grace Low. Photo: delivered

Emma McBryde

Although Grace Low is one of Central Queensland’s youngest directors, she has spent more time in the real estate industry than many other agents in the area.

Now the boutique agency of the pioneering single mother-of-two has joined acclaimed Harcourt, opening this month as Harcourts Low and Co.

She has felt the ups of the mining boom and a tight market and downs alongside clients since she started working in sales in her late teens in 2008, making many close friends along the way.

A young Grace fell in love with real estate in her late teens.

“I’ve always loved working in real estate, I love everything about it: the people, their stories, the rewarding feeling of helping others, the home designs, the architecture,” she said.

Grace wouldn’t be surprised if her young daughters, Abi and Isla, one day follow in her footsteps.

“They know all the language and dialogue, they listen to a lot of negotiations on the car stereo…sorry girls,” she joked.

“What an amazing vision it would be to work alongside them in 10 years.”

The most important part of her life, she took a two-year hiatus from the industry to take care of her girls before making the monumental decision to re-enter real estate at the helm of her own agency.

Grace admits work takes up a lot of her time and says routine is an important part of her family life and she never misses picking up and dropping off from school.

“I’m grateful to have a career and a great support team at work to help us achieve anything,” she said.

“My clients always understand that I have children and that 3pm calls at school are always loud.

“I make sure I drop the girls off every day and pick them up at 3 p.m.; We have three days a week of extracurricular activities and Sundays are mostly our rest.

“The girls and I dedicate Sunday to family time; The girls have basketball practice on Sundays and I have board games if we decide to stay longer… and my company proudly sponsors Titans Basketball because of the great families involved.”

The family also loves their time as part of the Fitzroy Basin Association’s Team Hatchlings to raise awareness of local turtle colonies.

“So I plan every day around those key tasks (and) the rest follows,” she said.

Grace said she herself has been influenced by amazing local women.

“I’ve watched and learned from some really inspiring women like Debbie Lodwick, (the) director of Ray White Yeppoon, who brought me into the industry fresh at 18 and planted a seed and showed me that women can juggle families can bring. run a business and be successful in all aspects of life,” Grace said.

She said Harcourts Low and Co looks forward to helping as many people as possible on their ownership journey.

“The past fiscal year has definitely been a big highlight in the market and I have sold 39 properties. I think the sales volume was around $27 million, it’s been a great year for me personally,” Grace said.

“In the last three months I’ve sold seven properties, another three under contract, I’m excited to see what numbers we can write as a team in this financial year.”

Harcourts Queensland CEO Mitch Peereboom said Grace embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition that drives real estate companies.

“Having operated as an independent agency for the last several years, she has an established reputation in the market and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with her on this next phase of growth,” he said.

Grace said she was drawn to Harcourt’s sales advice, team support and work culture.

“The mission statement rings true, and Harcourts fits our fun and energetic approach to real estate, as well as our love of auctions,” she said.

Grace is delighted to take on the new role of Director and Auctioneer of Harcourts Low and Co.

“While we’ve enjoyed being a boutique agency, joining a national brand and being part of a larger whole has always interested us,” she said.

“We have a vibrant and dynamic team here at Harcourts Low and Co.

“Our team has experience in various retail sectors and a shared passion for people.

“Our mission statement is ‘There for you’ because we genuinely care about our customers.”

As she continues to achieve her goals in the often cutthroat world of real estate, Grace is open to sharing her keys to success.

“It’s really simple… Honesty is always the best policy; Communication is key; Stay in your own lane,” she said.

“My business is referral based, and buyers always become sellers at some point in their lives. Be kind, honest and knowledgeable, and you will always succeed.”

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