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There is nothing more rewarding for parents than bringing home an adorable new baby. Couples look forward to the exciting role of parents as they watch their child take their first steps, say their first word and fill their lives with pride as school plays, sporting activities and graduation ceremonies take place.

That being said, parenthood can also be exhausting.

The weight and responsibility of raising children at any age can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining for parents, even when a child is healthy.

But what if a child is not?

What does stress look like for parents raising a child with a chronic illness? Can the added stress of a child’s medical and developmental needs cause silent depression?

In a word: “Yes”.

Parents raising children with special needs have additional fears and worries that weigh heavily on every aspect of their lives.

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Seven reasons why silent depression is often unnamed and unaddressed

1. They often fear that their child will fight and experience deep feelings of rejection from those who exclude them.

This happens when others are unable to see beyond the challenge of getting to know the person with the disability. Unfortunately, this is a far too common event that most parents of special needs children face more often than you can imagine.

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