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Cobwebs adorn the neighbors’ houses and the trick-or-treaters begin to scatter. Fall weather brings a warning, but for many families, the Halloween celebrations are stealthily approaching, leaving parents looking for a last-minute trick-or-treating toddler costume.

Parenting is messy, and if a Halloween costume for your little one somehow got skipped on the long to-do list, you’re not alone.

If you need an easy to assemble costume idea for your toddler, look no further! Here are our favorite last minute Halloween costume ideas that will have you up and running in no time.

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10/10 Rosie the riveter

Parenting is all about nurturing wild women and this costume will show the world your girl can do it! All this style requires is some kind of denim or a blue shirt or jumpsuit and a red and white bandana to tie around your little one’s head. The end results? A little powerhouse.

9/10 pop eye

Pull out Grandpa’s old pipe and the can of spinach that was hiding in the back of the pantry! With these two accessories and a simple striped t-shirt or onesie, your baby will be flexing their biceps and making their way through the trick-or-treat lines.

8/10 devil egg

Scrambled eggs, devil or bright side up – this little egg costume couldn’t get any cuter! If you want to keep it super simple, just cut out a yellow circle and glue it to the front of a white onesie or t-shirt. To make it even better, with a devil horn headband to create the deviled egg look.

7/10 sushi roll

Transform your favorite date night delicacy into an adorable costume with some felt, markers and a onesie. Simply draw or cut out an orange fish shape and pin it to the front of a white onesie or t-shirt. Wrap a green paper or felt ribbon around the center and your baby sushi roll is ready!

6/10 Three blind mice

This Halloween costume is triple cute! To recreate it you need three participants (parents can join!), mouse ears and sunglasses. Use felt or paper to create the ears and attach them to a headband or hat. Add a pair of sunglasses and layer a gray coat or top on top and you have a blind mouse costume.

5/10 Charlie Brown

Trick or treating doesn’t get more effortless than with this Charlie Brown costume. Search the closet for something yellow and get to work with a black marker to create the perfect zigzag look. Bonus points if your kid has the signature bald accessory!

4/10 hippie

Calling all crispy mamas! Take your love of all things organic, natural and local and turn them into a cute little floral themed costume for your little one. A hippie costume is so flexible and can be done in so many ways – grab that tie-dye t-shirt, tie a flower crown, or paint a little peace sign on that adorable little cheek. It doesn’t take much to get your baby hippie and Halloween ready!

3/10 beanie baby

This cute and cuddly costume couldn’t be simpler. Grab a hoodie, jacket or onesie with ears and just draw or print a TY tag to turn your little one into everyone’s favorite ’90s toy, a Beanie Baby. Your toddler will stay warm, toasty and adorable on those chilly fall evenings as they roam the streets collecting treats.

2/10 athlete

Down, down, hut! Your toddler could be whizzing down the sidewalks in their gym gear with this trick-or-treating. Pull out your favorite team’s soccer jersey, romper suit or dress and add some sneakers. Pull on some sweatpants or leggings, slap on some black and you’re good to go!

1/10 cook

For this quick and easy costume, parents can relax knowing they don’t have to buy anything extra. In true last-minute form, everything you need for this outfit is already lying around at your house! Dress your toddler in all white, tuck a tea towel in the front of his pants to create an apron, add a mustache and some wooden spoon accessories and your little chef is ready to cook up his next batch of Halloween treats!

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