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Strollers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Why is unclear: maybe it was the pandemic? Maybe parents want a better way to carry kids and Food? Whatever the reasons, strollers have come to transform the way parents move their children from place to place.

With so many new strollers to choose from, it can be difficult for the average person to know what really works. That’s why I researched every stroller available on the market before reviewing eight of the most popular options.

Everyone’s personal preferences are different – for example, whether you like to push or pull your stroller, whether your children prefer raised seats or a flat floor, whether your children prefer to sit quietly or, like mine, like to get in and out of the stroller every day 20 Feet – I walked away from all of my testing with a clear favorite that I think has exceeded my expectations on almost every turn. That Gladly family anthem4 (available at Amazon) is big enough for four toddlers, but also remarkably slim and light.

If you are looking for something smaller and more affordable I would recommend this Gladly family anthem2 (available on Amazon), which is basically identical to the Anthem4 but about two-thirds the size. It has all the style and maneuverability of the larger model, but a more compact footprint – and a lower price.

If you like something a little more luxurious, we recommend that Joey Wagon (available from Joey), which is a two-seater but costs just a hair more than the Anthem4. It has a turning radius that can’t be beat, and its sleek design and durability makes it stand out from the crowd.

A child sits in the Gladly Anthem stroller and adjusts the hood.

Credit: Verified / Lisa Lawrence

The Gladly Anthem4 offers plenty of space and a generous canopy.

A small child standing in a Gladly Anthem2 stroller and playing with the canopy.

Credit: Verified / Lisa Lawrence

The Gladly Anthem2 has all the features of the Anthem4 but in a smaller footprint.

A joey stroller outside in front of a hedge.

Credit: Verified / Lisa Lawrence

For a more luxurious ride, you can’t go wrong with the Joey Wagon.

Other strollers we tested

How we tested strollers

A row of strollers with a young child sitting in one and smiling at the camera.

Credit: Verified / Lisa Lawrence

We tested many strollers to find the best one for kids and gear.

I used each cart exclusively for a few days and towed my 4 year old twins everywhere we needed to go from the beach to the farmers market. We took daily walks around the block trying to find any potential hazards (curbs with no cutouts, loose gravel, etc.). My husband also tested and built each wagon and gave feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

The tester

My name is Marah Eakin and I am a longtime freelance writer now living in Southern California with my husband and two children. I’ve written a number of other products for Reviewed, including the Toniebox and the Sago Mini-Box. When I’m not writing about boxes or wagons, I enjoy watching The Great British Bake-Off and all the various RuPaul’s Drag Race franchises.

The tests

A man pushes a child in a Jeep stroller.

Credit: Verified / Lisa Lawrence

We’ve put every stroller to the test on outings with busy toddlers.

Strollers are a big ticket so I wanted to be sure that we put a lot of care into helping parents make the right purchase. I have looked at every stroller on the market and compared and contrasted what might be good to check out. What had the best user ratings? What seemed new or interesting? Which models seemed thoughtfully made?

After narrowing that down to about eight potential candidates, I ordered samples that promptly took up my entire garage. I then rated each stroller across 24 categories, weighing durability, style, ease of use, maneuverability and comfort.

To make sure every stroller was tested fairly, I put them through pretty much the same tests, taking them around the block and through the beats of our everyday lives. We mostly used them outdoors, but a few went indoors when I felt there was enough room to move around, like at the LA Convention Center. All in all, testing took me about three months of hard pushing and pulling, all trying to find the best stroller on the market today.

What you should consider when choosing a stroller

If it has a car seat adapter

If you have a growing family or want to transport children of two different ages, make sure the stroller you choose has a car seat adapter. Most need to be purchased separately, so make sure the cart you’re interested in will work with whatever car seat you have or plan to buy.

how much it weighs

It’s important to consider how much your desired cart weighs, because 40 pounds never seems like much until you lift it repeatedly — or feel how it feels when it’s spread across a difficult-to-lift shape.

When possible, it’s nice to personally check out the wagon you like just to see how it drives and what it’s like to fold it up and load it into a car. Some wagons just seem bigger and heavier, while others may technically weigh more but are actually much easier to lift due to their layout.

The size of the canopy

If you plan to use your cart outdoors a lot, you should consider the size of the canopy of your desired cart. Does it have a canopy or two? Does the canopy cover the entire cart or just the top? While it’s always good practice to put sunscreen on your kids before going outside, many wagons also offer UPF canopies, which is a nice addition.

How big is it

If you travel frequently and plan to take your stroller with you, you need to choose one that can be inspected at the gate. Each airline has different rules on handling, and most if not all airlines require you to check your carriage as checked baggage, so consider bringing a holdall for your carriage as well.

It is also worth noting that Disneyland and Disney World do not Do you allow strollers So if your main destination is a Disney park, you need a spare stroller.

The weight limit

Each wagon has a stated weight limit, which may vary depending on the materials used in wagon construction. Be sure to check the listed limit for the wagon you’re interested in and consider how much wiggle room it gives you as your kids grow.

how many children do you have

There are carriages for two children and carriages for four. All of the carriages can comfortably fit one child, but if you’re looking to accommodate two older children – say two 4-year-olds – you might want to consider a carriage that can accommodate more children, just so there’s less fighting over who who touches, who kicks, and so on. Also, it’s always nice to have a small room in case a friend wants to come to the zoo with you.

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