Raising children from 9 months to high school is challenging and rewarding – Monroe Evening News | Wonder Mind Kids

Rev. Mark Witte

My life continues to enter new and fascinating stages of parenthood. While they feel unique to me, I’m sure others out there have found themselves in similar positions.

My wife and I have our three older boys all in high school now. On the plus side, having them all back in the same school is handy. On the other hand, the tuition bill is really a kick in the pants. Our eldest is a senior and that brings with it all sorts of additional emotional experiences such as watching them get through seniors nights, witnessing their last football game of the season and one final cross country meeting. There’s also the senior photos and all the other fun of preparing for graduation. Perhaps the greatest task of all is the college hunt. It was pretty overwhelming in April when we started doing some college visits. I’m not sure which was more scary, imagining our oldest getting ready to go to school or seeing what a school year would cost.

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