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Letters to the editor, October 28, 2022

Our state must vote yes on IM 27.

There are many people in South Dakota who use cannabis frequently. Our tax dollars go to states like Colorado and Montana, or even to the black market. We need a regulated system that gives state and local governments the ability to stop clogging up our law enforcement agencies’ time and resources to arrest adults for petty cannabis offenses.

Making cannabis legal again will make our children safer. “Teenage cannabis use has ‘significantly decreased’ in 2021, as has teenage illicit substance use overall, according to federal government-funded survey, large decline in teenage cannabis use over the past year.” – (marijuanamoment.net)

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We need a governed framework in South Dakota, and the only way to do that is to vote yes at IM 27 on November 8th.

As a colleague in our state government, I commend David Natvig to the people of the 4th Circuit as a District Court Judge. I’ve worked with Dave on several bills that have benefited the state.

He is knowledgeable, hardworking and has an even temperament, all qualities required of a quality district court judge. As Director of the Department of Criminal Investigations over the past three and a half years, Dave has gained an immense understanding of the issues facing our state and I believe he is the most well-rounded of all candidates.

For these reasons and more, I strongly support David Natvig as a District Court Judge and encourage you to do the same on November 8th.

Editor’s note: Tom Pischke is a Republican member of the State House representing District 25.

As a registered Republican, I encourage you to vote for Democratic nominee Tom Cool for SD Secretary of State. I have every faith that Tom will be a logical and fair man in relation to any matter that he would face as Secretary of State.

I have known Monae Johnson and her family for many years, and she represents the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. Her recent interview with Dan Santella on KELO is proof. It is the Republican Party and Donald Trump who are destroying the integrity of this country’s elections, not the so-called “radical left,” as Monae Johnson notes on her website monaeforsouthdakota.com.

Please support Tom Cool in his candidacy for SD Secretary of State.

It’s that time of year again. So, again, I’m going to ask how can gas prices in Rapid City be $0.30/gallon more expensive than Chamberlain? Someone gets a lot richer.

It’s an election campaign. Maybe a politician could do something about it? Strange that the big price differences always occur at this time of the year. Even the common people of Rapid City want to enjoy Christmas.

Jonathan Free, Rapid City

Democracy demands respect

Beliefs that people choose create their worlds, or if poorly chosen, destroy them. History judges whether beliefs are well chosen.

America’s founders believed that citizens could elect leaders for a controlled, balanced, and stable government, which in turn citizens would find fair, albeit often frustrating. This belief has aged well, although it needs defense.

Putin and his ilk believe that Ukraine has never had a right to independence and threatens Russia if free, so they believe subjugation through war is justified. Modern history provides examples of misplaced beliefs that have been corrected, aggressors who have lost wars of their choosing and then changed their minds to believe in peaceful competition and cooperation.

There is hope, not certainty, that ill-chosen beliefs among Americans will change without argument. Democracy requires us to respect one another, to debate ideas without demonizing opponents, without closing the debate by believing that “God said what I said and that’s final.”

People who choose to either genuinely believe allegations that the Democrats intend to traffic children, import a loyal new constituency of illegal immigrants, and cheat elections, or use cynical tactics as a tactic, will eventually have reality as their corrective. Democrats who resist the Republican extremists’ open grab for the power to cancel elections are motivated by reality.

I am writing in support of Bret Swanson for a seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives, District 30. Bret supports legalizing recreational marijuana, raising the minimum wage, raising teachers’ salaries, accepting the Medicaid expansion, and many other positions.

All too often, the alternative candidate, the more philosophical (pragmatist) and more suitable candidate based on experience (former school board member, community volunteer) is fired because of the scarlet letter D. Bret will fight for the rights of his constituents.

We have a corrupt governor. Our one-party government consistently rewards the rich and powerful at the expense of the average South Dakotan. There is tax reform in favor of the rich while denying basic health care to working people. Most South Dakotans

support reproductive rights and the legalization of cannabis, and those in power have repeatedly changed our minds for us.

Bret will tell the truth to power. Bret is a teacher and a third-generation South Dakotan. Above all, Bret believes that people want personal autonomy – the freedom to do what they want, when they want, with whom they want, to seek happiness or whatever – as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others. He’s the right choice for District 30 and South Dakota.

Jason Clutter, Rapid City

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