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The internet has urged a woman to change her birthday plans after she revealed she found asking her friends to pay nearly $200 for a weekend getaway unreasonable.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Wednesday under the username TigerLilly33, the woman explained that she will be turning 40 next year, as will her best friend, and that the pair are planning a special weekend getaway to celebrate their birthdays.

They initially talked about going away with their partners, just the four of them, but their plans have now evolved to seek out cottages that sleep around 16 people and ask the rest of their friends to join them on the journey.

She said: “We saw one we really like and it would work out at £170 [about $195] per person for a weekend stay. My best friend thinks that’s reasonable, but my argument is yes it’s a good price if you decide to walk away, but I worry that asking people to pay to attend someone’s birthday is a lot , and they will feel obligated to pay it when everyone is already fighting.”

A file photo of a person doing calculations. The internet has urged a woman to change her $195 birthday plans.
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While the woman feels uncomfortable asking her friends to pay that much, her best friend believes it’s a fair price and that her friends will have time to save up for it.

The United States Census Bureau states that the US poverty rate is currently 12.8 percent. And according to Statista, around 37.93 million people live in poverty nationwide.

dr Bahjat Balbous, a psychiatrist at Euromed Clinic Dubai, told Newsweek that big occasions such as weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties and baby showers can be a cause for concern, and this is truer than ever with the cost of living crisis that is affecting so many people, and sensitivity is the key in this particular scenario.

“While you can’t prevent your friends from choosing whether they can afford to go on a trip to celebrate your birthdays together, you can send out a diplomatically worded invitation to indicate that you really want to go on the trip, but if people can’t come, you won’t be offended in the slightest. Do not mention the financial aspect in the invitation, as this may offend and embarrass your friends, and they may become outraged.”

according to dr Balbous should also consider hosting a family-oriented picnic somewhere nearby, as this allows friends who may not be able to make the trip to still enjoy the celebration and celebrate this milestone together.

The Am I Being Unreasonable poll, which received over 1,600 votes, said the poster is not unreasonable to question her friend’s plans, with 91 percent of voters agreeing.

One user, ABJ100, commented: “[You are not being unreasonable], please do not bring up this idea. I would refuse something like that. Although I could afford it, I’d rather spend the money on a meal and a gift for my boyfriend. I wouldn’t go without a weekend and then look for childcare. No thank you.”

And HotToddyColdSauvignon pointed out, “No. You and your best friend want to go out with your partners – your choice. Expect people to pay, use up their weekends, find childcare… ‘just’ to celebrate your birthday… I’d’ you’re right about putting your feelers out for this OP – I’d speak to Bestie asap and close this.”

Another user, MrsJamie Dornan, said: “It really annoys me when people do this for their birthdays. If all a weekend cost that much, plus food and alcohol…if you want to celebrate with your friends, take them to a party or dinner.”

And AffIt said: “Only you know the financial situation of your friends group, but at £170 per person / £340 per couple plus contribution towards food and drink, travel, childcare if required etc, that will probably work out at around £5- 600 per couple, and that’s a hell of a lot for a weekend trip. I’m not denying that it sounds funny, but I think it’s probably a bit much to ask for most ATMs (unless all your friends are hedge fund managers).”

Newsweek has not been able to verify the details of the case.

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