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Although trick-or-treating is a classic Halloween activity, not all parents feel comfortable when their child does it. There is some risk in accepting sweets from strangers. It’s also not the safest to walk and cross streets in the dark. Likewise, some children are allergic to sweets or their parents just don’t want them to eat them as they are unhealthy.

Even if you like trick-or-treating, your child may just be too young this year. As a toddler, bedtime may be ticking or they may not be able to keep up. Your child may not even be able to eat all of the sweets they would collect at that age.

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You don’t need trick or treating to have fun this Halloween. Consider one of these 12 toddler-friendly alternatives that you can still have fun with this spooky vacation. The only question is which activity to choose!


12/12 candy hunt

You don’t have to leave the house for your toddler to enjoy Halloween candy. Instead of trick-or-treating, hide some candy around the house in easy-to-spot places. Then treat your toddler to a great search.

11/12 Costume Dinner Party

Even if you don’t trick or treat, you can still have fun with Halloween costumes. Have every family member show up to dinner in an outfit. Help your toddler dress up beforehand to figure out his outfit. Encourage them to wear it for the rest of the day.

10/12 halloween movie

For a cozy activity, put on a Halloween movie. Make sure it’s something age-appropriate for your toddler; nothing scary, otherwise they might have trouble sleeping at night. Consider watching a Halloween episode of your child’s favorite series if you don’t want to commit to one thing for so long.

9/12 Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Get in the festive mood by decorating a bunch of pumpkins this Halloween. If the child’s age makes the carving too difficult, have them decorate the outside with paint, glitter, and other paraphernalia. Each family member can have their own.

8/12 Halloween decor drive

If your neighborhood has a lot of cool Halloween decorations, take a drive to check them out. Point out the spooky decoration to your toddler as you drive by (as long as they don’t freak out). Offer them a special treat for the ride so they can enjoy some candy too.

7/12 Glowstick Dance Party

If your toddler loves music, they will love this activity. Give each family member a pair of glowsticks. Throw on some Halloween music (like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) and then turn out the lights. Your toddler will be amazed at how brightly the glow sticks glow in the dark.

6/12 Halloween coloring

For an easy daytime activity, prepare a Halloween craft for your toddler. It’s as easy as printing out coloring pages that they can use markers on or paint on. This activity requires little to no cleaning up and is great for all ages.

5/12 Tell a scary story

If you’re feeling creative, tell your toddler a scary story before bed. Make sure it’s age appropriate and not too scary so it scares them. Look online for inspiration or pick up a Halloween-themed children’s book to read yearly.

4/12 Halloween pinata

Another way to allow your toddler to enjoy trick-or-treating candy is with a pinata. Grab a Halloween-themed one and then fill it with treats that are appropriate for your kid. For a healthy alternative, you can choose fruit gums or granola bars. The whole family will have fun trying to open the pinata to collect the goodies.

3/12 Have a campfire

Making a campfire is a very autumnal activity, making it a great trick-or-treating alternative. You can do this in your backyard if you have a portable fire pit. Sing a Halloween song, tell a spooky story, or make s’mores by the fire to keep the theme going.

2/12 play makeup artist

If your toddler loves makeup, unleash their inner artist with this activity. Give them makeup products or kid-friendly face paint that they can use to create a Halloween look. Encourage them to do makeup for themselves or other family members. You will love the creative outlet.

1/12 food tasting test

There are tons of cool food products launching around Halloween for a limited time. For a fun activity, grab some treats and let your family do a taste test. Make sure you only offer your child age-appropriate foods. This may not be a good activity if you are just introducing them to new foods and are unaware of any allergies.

Whatever Halloween activity you do with your toddler, make sure it’s age appropriate and fun for the whole family. As long as that’s the case, you’ll all have a great time.

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