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Wander + Ivy single serve bottles are true “mother wines”

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Maybe it’s the sheer volume of “But First Wine” merch the scrawling font, but it seems like the “rosé all day” philosophy has shifted from bachelorette parties and firmly entrenched in the mom-o-sphere. To be clear, parenting is obviously one of the most stressful jobs anyone can willingly take on, but (in a wholly unscientific observation) it seems like those who take the plunge into expanding their families are more ready than ever Admittedly, today’s version of “Mother’s Little Helper” might just be loaded with white Zinfandel after he’s put the kids to bed. Honestly, cheers to that.

Enter hiking + ivy, which unabashedly introduces itself as “wine for mothers, from a mother”. Of course, as a childless 30-year-old cis man, I’m the perfect person to give this product a closer look.

Even though I’m not a parent, I’m the damn wine regular type of person, and I can empathize with the general vanity of Wander + Ivy: offering delicious wine one glass at a time. That’s kind of the whole thing about the brand — it hopes to make grasping a glass of wine as quick and intuitive as cracking a can of seltzer or digging into a custard cup. As founder Dana Spaulding explains on the brand’s website, opened wine has a relatively short shelf life, and unless you’re someone who plans on drinking an entire bottle of wine within 6 to 24 hours of opening (cough: me), They’re throwing money – and good wine – down the drain in more ways than one.

As an alternative to wasted wine, Wander + Ivy was born, offering single-serving (each bottle is 6.3 fluid ounces, which is a little more than a 5-ounce restaurant wine because Mom has to decompress from all those PTA meetings). from a variety of different wines. The lineup consists of five different bottles: a rosé, a white blend, a chardonnay, a cabernet sauvignon and a red blend.

$68 at hiking + ivy

Wander + Ivy insists on delivering a premium experience and pays close attention to ensuring that the wine not only tastes great, but also needs to look sharp. Contained in an elegant and easy to open glass bottle[s]’, the wines contain fruit from ‘family-owned vineyards that grow certified organic grapes,’ according to the brand. While that doesn’t mean the wine is “organic” (long story short, using organic grapes is one thing, but that alone does not make a final wine “organic”), we respect the brand’s clear commitment to taking the grapes it sources seriously.

If all of this has piqued your interest, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of wines Wander + Ivy stock. While I’m drawn to Spanish reds myself – which means I’m drawn to the 2020 Red Blend, which hails from Valencia, Spain and is made primarily from the fruity, distinctly Spanish grape Bobal – there’s plenty to suit every palate .

$66 at hiking + ivy

Looking for a party rosé? Wander + Ivy’s 2020 Rosé is made from grapes from a winemaking family that has been based in France’s Languedoc region (which borders one of the most outstanding rosé regions in the world, Provence) for 14 generations. Ready for the book club reincarnated into a gathering of wine nerds? Wander + Ivy’s 2020 Chardonnay of Mendocino, CA aims to hit both sides of the grape’s classic flavor profiles – it embodies “pear and apricot” with a toasted, “slightly buttery” quality.

$68 at hiking + ivy

$68 at hiking + ivy

Sleek branding and curated wine portfolio aside, it’s interesting to ponder the idea that moms need their own version of (single-serve) wine. While the benefits of effectively consuming wine one glass at a time may seem obvious — especially for busy moms who probably just have time for a single serving before tackling the next thing on their growing to-do list — it’s hard to tell if this approach takes away one of the best parts of drinking wine: opening an entire bottle and watching it unfold (ideally when sharing with friends and family). You know-something somethingJeff Goldblum’s classic quote from Jurassic Park. However, the single-serve appeal is also easy to see here. As mentioned above, I’m nowhere near Wander + Ivy’s target audience, but I’m a wine fanatic who appreciates portable wine in non-mother contexts — like sneaking a bottle into a music festival or going out with the boys a boys only camping trip.

Whether you’re pouring a drink after putting the kids down or just someone who has bonding issues (when it comes to opening a bottle of wine — what do you mean, what do we mean?), Wander + Ivy’s single-serve , grab-and-go approach to wine might help thin the edge.

Buy Wander + Ivy wines here.

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