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15 outdoor birthday party ideas for kids

Instead of hosting your kid’s birthday party at your house or bringing a crew of kids to the same place that serves pizza and dodgy ball pits, why not host the party outside?

Outdoor parties provide kids with a place to stretch and run, and let them get creative with the theme, food, and games.

While you can’t predict the weather, you can plan ahead. Make arrangements to move the party indoors at the last minute if needed, and get creative on hot days to stay cool.

Nicole Heeinbaugh, owner and events planner at Simply Sweet Party Boutique, said there are plenty of ways to keep kids cool on a hot day. “To stay cool, use small fans as a favor. They even make ones that spray water. It’s definitely a great option for keeping guests as cool as possible in the summer heat,” she said. “I also love setting up refreshment stations. Optionally serve a cool frozen beverage or frozen dessert. Freeze pops are also a hit and inexpensive.”

Let’s get this party started. Here are 15 outdoor birthday party ideas to inspire your child’s next party.

Tie Dye Party

From shirts and beach towels to socks and hair ties, there’s no limit to what kids can tie at this funky party. Grab some tie-dye kits and let them get creative. Have a clothesline and plenty of clothespins handy to hang all of their tie-dye creations to dry, and before the kids leave, send them home instructions on how to care for their newly tie-dyed items.

summer camp

Break out the s’mores, get ready to sing songs around the campfire, and go for a hike — even if it’s just for the backyard. A summer camp themed party is a great way to prepare food that kids and adults will enjoy and play some of your favorite childhood games and activities.

Role fun

Children will be delighted with this fishing party. First, have guests make and decorate their own fishing rod using wooden dowels, eye hooks, twine, and metal clips. Then hold a casting contest and fill a baby pool with different sized paperfish so kids can try their luck at catching a big one. While the kids are eating, they can pull out a deck of cards and play a few rounds of Go Fish.

outdoor movie

Set up a movie under the stars using a projector and bed sheet as a screen. Have plenty of movie snacks ready, like popcorn and candy, and since this party starts after dark, give out glowsticks as favors.

Olympic party

Bring home the gold with this party theme by setting up obstacle courses and relay races. Before the athletes go home, wrap a cookie in gold paper and attach it to a ribbon so everyone gets a sweet gold medal.

lawn games

Turn family game night into a party. There are many family-friendly lawn games you can buy – like oversized checkers and cornhole. However, you can also make your child’s favorite games such as For example, create a twister board on the lawn with spray paint, or make a do-it-yourself version of skeeball using buckets and a few small balls.

bubble explosion

Bubbles are pretty magical and you can adapt this party for kids of all ages. Set up machines to make the bubbles flow while kids work on a DIY magic wand to make bubbles of all shapes and sizes. Fill a baby pool with bubble mix, have kids stand in the pool and use a hula hoop to make jumbo bubbles around the kids.

Archaeological excavation

Dinosaur fans will love this theme. Set up an archaeological dig in a sandbox or in a baby pool so partygoers can search for artifacts. Give kids shovels, buckets and brushes to uncover the dinosaur figures, fossils and gold coins. At the end of the excavation, the artifacts become party favors for kids to take home.

Art party outdoors

Let kids express their inner Bob Ross at an artistic party. Now is the time for all those messy arts and crafts your kids will want to try. Fill squirt guns with paint and use big canvases as targets, whip up a few batches of slime, or give kids a color palette and let them get crafty.

water party

Splish splash, it’s time for a water party! You don’t need a pool for this outdoor party, just plenty of opportunities to play in the water. Get out a sprinkler, Slip N’ Slide, and fill water tubs with plenty of water toys. The perfect party gift? A cozy beach towel that guests can dry off with and take home.

garden party

Let kids try their green thumbs at a garden party decorating their own pots, then get to work planting seeds, flowers, or succulents. Create sensory containers filled with soil and kid-friendly gardening tools, and fill mini terracotta pots with a cupcake and top it with a floral decoration for a sweet treat. When the party’s over, send the kids home with mini watering cans filled with seeds to start their own gardens.

miniature golf

It’s time to tee off. Build a miniature golf course for your pros using objects such as boxes, balloons and pool noodles. Turn sandpits into sand traps and turn a large open space into a driving range. For younger players, skip the regular golf balls and use beach balls instead.

beach bash

Sand buckets, beach balls, and plenty of sunscreen are essentials for a beach party. Even if there is no ocean nearby, baby pools full of water will do the trick.

Glow in the dark party

This one is great for older kids as the action starts when the sun goes down. Charge up glow-in-the-dark necklaces, fill baby pools with glow sticks, and place colorful plastic cups over tea lights to light up the party.