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13 25th Birthday Ideas for 2022

Finding a theme for a birthday party while in college is so easy, but now that you’re a ~fancy adult~ with actual bills to pay, it’s time to up your game. Turning 25 is kind of weird, honestly: It’s not like a fun 21st birthday party where the theme is basically, “Wooooo, I’m legal to drink now!” It’s not like you’re with either all your buddies at school – all your best friends might be far away, or you might just meet new people in a new place. It can also just be a transitional period in your life, with work, roommates, and whatever else is going on (Alexa, play “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” by Britney Spears). And people keep making weird jokes like, “You’re a quarter of a century old!” (Thanks Dad.) But don’t worry if you’re not sure how to celebrate because I have so many ideas for you to throw the greatest party ever.

If you’re planning on hanging out with your BFFs but want to do something ~extra special~ for your big day, I’ve got just the thing. If you want to throw the coolest party ever (srsly, people will be talking about it Years), I have it. If you just want to make an updated version of what you always love to do, same, and I have ideas for that too. Here are all the ingredients for a phenomenal night out (or in) so you really feel like you’re making the most of your big day. Celebrate, bb, happy 25th!!

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Host a euphoria-themed party

Tag yourself: I’m Cassie! That enormous The popular show has also become a favorite for its offbeat fashion and makeup looks. Pick your favorite fit from an episode or create your own euphoria-inspired look to wow your friends. If it looks like you can jump right into the show, you’ve won. This theme is suitable for throwing a party at home or gathering your friends for a night out.


Or take it all the way (Throw) Back

Relive your childhood and head to a ’00s party complete with very low rise jeans, a mini and/or a crop top! Take it over the top and walk around with a stuffed Chihuahua saying “This is hot” like Paris Hilton. Even better? Find a picture of yourself from that time and try to recreate it (fake braces and all).

Because now you can!! Just go on a mini VRBO vacation if you feel like it, drive to a special place with a special meaning, or go party (with a DD, obv) somewhere a little further out than you would normally go . Celebrate being a GD adult by doing fun adult things.


Make a stay in a hotel

Is there a ~high-end~ hotel nearby with delicious restaurants and tons of amenities? Make it a whole thing, with a dinner rez, glitzy outfits, and maybe a dip in the pool or a massage. Don’t blame me if you chat until 4am and don’t really sleep.


Host a floating pool party

Find a pool: check. Collect every single pool swimmer you have: Check. Grab some drinks, toss them in a cooler, and put on your best bathing suit: check. Now pretend you’re back in middle school and have a pool party – this time with alcohol! It’s great if you have beach balls and things for games and vibes, but honestly, this is all about the ~lounging~.


Host a meditation party

Okay, listen to me – this is actually based on an actual bachelorette ceremony that I attended, where we meditated, gave our blessings to the bride, and poured all our feelings into crystals that we held in our hands. It was ~surprisingly~ fun, funny and made us cry a little too? So if that’s what you’re into, go for it — or do an old-fashioned tarot reading.


Bring the spa treatment with you

You could definitely go to your local spa and get deep tissue massages to match. But you can also have a fun experience at home: get the fanciest soaps, glittery face masks, rollers and oils (or just buy a spa kit) and have an at-home extravaganza.

Depending on where you live, there might be world famous drag queens putting on a show nearby! Even if you’ve never been there or haven’t been in a while, you owe it to yourself to go. You can make it even better by dressing up in fun themed outfits (think: 70’s night out, PJ chic or suits) and throwing yourself into the fun.

Think of it like a potluck, but cooler – everyone makes a delicious dish and all the dishes work together. (Yes, of course, the person who hates cooking can order some from their local store.) Then you can have a little bit of everything, and it’s all 100 percent delicious.


Host the fanciest lunch


Have fun with a children’s game night


Host a makeup/makeover party

Think of it a bit like a spa night, but instead of relaxing, upgrade—and the night is optional. Canyon makeup palettes allow you to try new looks that are way out of your comfort zone (Hi, euphoria), or let your boyfriend give you a whole new look, just like middle school, but now with white wine.


Create the chicest zoom

When all of your loved ones are far, far away (especially if you all went to college together and then moved away for jobs), enhance your weekly Zoom happy hours with baked goods you make or buy (this one is coming in a funny can!). . Play games, watch a movie together or even sing karaoke if you want!

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